AMD found the cause of Windows stuttering in some Ryzenes

Due to the nature of the error, the user interface seemed to be guilty for a long time, but in fact fTPM is causing this phenomenon.

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AMD announceThe reason for the error that sometimes causes the Windows 10 and 11 user interface to crash has been found on some devices with a Ryzen processor. The case went on for a relatively long time, but the error reports were very erratic, so there was not enough data to logically conclude the cause. However, it has been found that this phenomenon disappears instantly if the device is not using fTPM, in which case the Firmware Trusted Platform Module is inactive.

The latter could be a hack as the problem can finally be linked to something, and AMD isolated it. The problems are caused by memory parameters related to fTPM in the SPI flash memory on the motherboard. This error can cause the system to run temporarily until the transaction is completed.

AMD has stated that the issue will be fixed in a new little code called AGESA V2 ComboPI, which the first BIOS may arrive in early May. If someone just can’t wait until then, and working without a TPM is no longer an option, getting a dTPM can help. These are stand-alone units that can run fTPM, and the system can be ported to them according to the appropriate specifications.

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