Amazon's most promising game, New World, is once again postponed

Amazon’s most promising game, New World, is once again postponed

In addition to Google, Amazon has also developed games, but like Google and Amazon, things groan. Google has already announced that it will abandon its exclusive Stadia games and focus all its resources on the cloud-based service. Amazon already has Luna of a similar nature, but the media mogul still insisted on his own titles when he announced again that his MMORPG New World was too late.

Developers a The game is on the official website Bad news was reported to players interested in the project. They’re working on a thousand in New World based on feedback from last year’s experience, and while they’re doing a good job, end-game content won’t be finished by Spring 2021. Until the new premiere is scheduled. August 31. Amazon considers it extremely important to have end-of-game content available as soon as it is released, so it is not ready to release an MMORPG without it. Of course, the remaining half of the year will also be used to improve the mechanisms already in place.

Alpha testing will continue in the near future and European servers will be ready on March 30th. And on July 20, there will be a closed beta test that pre-New World customers will be able to participate in. In it, new game elements and areas await enticing elements such as Ebonscale Reach, in which the respective end-game content will be shown by the developers, and here the deceptive exiled ruler tries to launch an attack with his fleet. There will also be 5 players in the beta called Expedition, where you will know that the toughest challenges will await the explorers, as we are used to in MMO. Last but not least, participants can try out a PvP section called Outpost Rush, where 20 players from each side will be able to fall for each other, or play as a defender and blockade.

A new world will appear on your computer. It is said that game development is going strong at Amazon Game Studios because the head of Amazon’s video players division doesn’t really understand games.

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