Amazon Games isn’t ruling out a console release for Lost Ark, but it’s up to fans

Smilegate and Amazon Games’ PC MMORPG, Lost Ark, recently arrived in the West after its success in South Korea.

Although Lost Ark has long been popular in South Korea, the MMORPG has now surpassed 20 million users worldwide and Reached the second highest concurrent player peak in Steam history, After landing in the West through Amazon Games. The success of the Smilegate title has so far been limited to PC, the only platform currently available, so VG247 asked Amazon Games about its plans for a possible console release.

Comparing this possibility comes from the console mod for Blizzard Diablo III, another franchise that was also born for PC. “If fans really wanted the Lost Ark to appear on consoles, I think both parties would consider it!” Explained Soomin Park, President of Franchise at Amazon Games, referring to both Smilegate and Smilegate.

While the answer is quite vague, it is encouraging that a similar adaptation of Blizzard has not been left out. Amazon’s response was more blunt to the New World, denying the possibility of the title “in the foreseeable future” They also appear on consoles.

Amazon Games releases the game in the West, but it does not have an IP.

In the interview, Park referred to the issue of copyright, according to which the IP belongs to Smilegate, while in the West, Amazon Games is the publisher of the game. “This partnership allows us to bring the game to certain regions of North America, Europe, Oceania and South America, but it does not allow us to release the game globally or in regions where it has not yet been available.” Park said.

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source: VG247

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