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Amazing places that have just been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

Amazing places that have just been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

A church, a synagogue, and a burial place more than two thousand years old surrounded by monoliths have also been added to the UNESCO list.

This year, the UNESCO Committee added it to the World Heritage List at its forty-fifth session in Riyadh The island of Djerba in Tunisia, the Maison Carrée (Square House) in Nîmes, southern France, the town of Zatec in the Czech Republic and the Saaz-Hub region, and the Olmec-Mayan archaeological site Takalik Abaj in Guatemala. It has been added to the list Complex of buildings in the medieval Jewish quarter in Erfurt, GermanyThe old synagogue, the ritual bath, the mikveh, and a stone residential building.

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It is located in Khövszgöl in northern Mongolia and Arhangag in central Mongolia The deer stones were created between 1200 and 600 BC, in the Bronze Agesingle or grouped monoliths up to four meters high, between which burial places and sacrificial altars can be found.

Square house in France
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the The perfectly preserved Romanesque church known as Maison Carré, built at the beginning of our era in Nîmes in southern France. – As the 51st site in France – it has also been added to the World Heritage List.

The Erfurt Synagogue is one of the oldest Jewish churches in the world
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The one from Germany Construction of the Erfurt City Synagogue on the 11th. It started in the centuryIt was used after the massacre of 1349 as a storeroom and then as an inn, and was rediscovered in 1988.

Tunisia's Djerba Island
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It is famous for its ancient monuments, mosques, churches and temples – Carthaginian and Roman The Tunisian island of Djerba has also become part of the World Heritage. The largest island in North Africa with an area of ​​514 square kilometers is believed to be the place where Odysseus met the lotus eaters in Homer’s Odyssey. Many Star Wars scenes set on the planet Tatooine were also filmed here.

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