Although shown on Netflix, the manifesto will not be resumed after three seasons

Although shown on Netflix, the manifesto will not be resumed after three seasons

Three seasons later, NBC announced that it would not order a sequel to the manifesto, and while there was a serious chance that Netflix could save and order a new season of the mystery series, the online video repository eventually missed the opportunity.

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The protagonist of The Manifesto was Josh Dallas, whom Hungarian viewers may have once known as the Prince of the series, as the actor played the character through 135 episodes of the ABC series, where fairy-tale heroes come to life. Modern America. The series’ executive producer was no small name, Robert Zemeckis, a true Hollywood veteran who has worked on films like Back to the Future and Forrest Gump during his career. The statement was very similar to Lostra, as both series were about passengers on a curved plane, and as the story progressed, so was the story. More and more exciting things happened in the NBC production as well: Survivors started hearing voices and had visions of the future.

It is true that among the streaming service providers in Hungary, HBO GO presented the first two seasons of Manifest, but worldwide Netflix has the rights to the series. Entertainment Weekly wrote that the production was caught up by so many in America that the statement topped the daily top ten list for online video repositories overnight. That’s why it’s surprising, according to the newspaper, that Netflix is ​​still saying no to taking the series with them.

NBC production reached 42 episodes in three seasons, according to press reports صحفي Warner Bros. TV has surrendered. Television almost immediately after turning down Netflix and now no longer trying to find a new home for Manifest. It would be a very long and complicated legal procedure for them to sell the series to another online video repository, and associating the actors with the New Years would not be easy.

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Visible fans have petitioned for a sequel

And so the series was left without a regular ending, as the author, Jeff Rake, planned for six seasons with Manifest. The specialist also noted in one of his social media posts that he was deeply hurt by NBC’s decision to cut the series midway through. Twitter appeared shortly after the news of the story # SaveManifest campaignAt the same time, fans also launched an online request on to continue, which is close to 30,000 Occurredin a few days.

Jeff Rick, creator of the series, spoke to fans via a Twitter post, thanking him “They cried, and laughed, and tried to put the puzzle together, deciphering seemingly incomprehensible words while watching the statement and backing it up with religious respect.” And the viewer will admit that he will never forget.

Netflix is ​​the savior of the fallen series

The online video library, which now has more than 200 million subscribers, is known for its memorization of failed series. The The devilCut after three seasons by the American channel FOX and the Spanish series favorite for Hungarian viewers, big money laundering It is not worth three phases if the production is based on the channel that originally broadcast Antena 3. Likewise, to (You), who was abandoned by Lifetime after a season, but Netflix grabbed the sequel. Today’s best fighting series, The Spinoff of Karate Puppies, A Cobra Kai And it wouldn’t be ready for its fourth season without Netflix taking over from Youtube Premium.

In addition, well-rooted fans of the series may remember the Danish adaptation of the Danish series Forbrydelsen, the killre, which was cut by AMC in 2012 and 2013, the final fourth season has already been brought to the surface by Netflix alone, giving fans a regular ending thanks to the streaming provider.

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