Alternatives To Venting On Social Media

Social Media is supposed to be a platform where we all can connect and network with others we have yet to meet in person such as: college roommates, producers, writers etc. However; we all don’t necessarily use social media in the way it’s intended. We use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to gossip and vent about real life issues.

Social media has allowed us to express our feelings on a larger social scale, which is wonderful given social topics that need to be discussed such as: Racism, Presidential elections, so on and so forth. But, I’m specifically speaking on the aspect of real world communication. When it comes to an interpersonal relationship, social media has become the go-to outlet to express how upset you are about something your significant other or friends has done to you.

It baffles me that people would rather vent via social media than vent to the person that actually made them upset in the first place. Communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships, if in the moment you are unable to communicate why you’re upset then take the time to have a conversation with yourself, There is nothing wrong with having a conversation about what got you so heated to point where you’re willing to spill all of your tea on someone timeline.

I am guilty of sipping the tea people spill daily, I always find myself saying “This is none of my business, but they could have just called who they’re mad at or sent this in a text.” I chose to keep my comments about what they’ve decided to share based on an emotional state of mind to myself because it doesn’t involve me and I also understand that sometimes you just need to get it off your chest. I highly recommend that before anyone vents to social media that they reach for a piece of paper, call a friend or even better call the person that pissed them off and COMMUNICATE on why you’re upset and how it made you feel, most of the time by communicating you’ll find out that you’ll get the results you desire or at least a better understanding.

Remember that what you put on social media can backfire on you, so weigh your options first.


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  • K.M.G Reply

    January 18, 2017 at 10:53 PM

    People move off the validation, venting not to get it off your chest but to prove you’re right

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