Already in stores Nintendo Switch - OLED Model

Already in stores Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

Console – Nintendo

The width of the new version has become larger.

10/8/2021 16:08 | Dino | Category: Console – Nintendo

An updated version of the Nintendo console, and Nintendo Switch – OLED Model. The new version is the same size as the base variant, but the coffee has been reduced to a 7-inch diagonal screen instead of 6.2. In addition, as the name suggests, we find an OLED panel on it so that it can display brighter colors.

The hardware hasn’t changed much anyway, and things aren’t 4K capable, but the internal storage has been doubled, so you can manage 64GB (minus what the system requires), and a wired network connection has been added to the dock.

Already in stores Nintendo Switch - OLED Model

They also changed the strut: the previous narrow stanchion was replaced with an almost full-width one that can be tilted in several positions. Finally, they also improved the sound.

The Nintendo Switch – OLED model came to stores with about 130 thousand forints in two colors. One came in the traditional version with a black dock and a blue and red Joy-Con, while the other came with a white dock and a Joy-Con. ■

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