Already 131,000 Hungarians have decided to remain in the UK

By the end of December, 131,120 Hungarians had registered for a permanent residence permit after Brexit, according to the wallet, citing data from the UK Home Office. The portal estimates that the final number could be around 200,000.

In the past year, the number of Hungarians who have applied for a British residence permit has jumped dramatically in the last quarter: another 18,790 people have indicated their intention to stay, bringing the total number of registrants to 131,120.

According to details from British authorities, 117,510 people within the archipelago have applied for a residence permit in England, 7,690 in Scotland, 2,410 in Wales and 2,340 in Northern Ireland to stay after Brexit. Wallet. hu. Statistics also show that more than 14,000 Hungarians under the age of 18 can remain in the country.

Registration is open until the end of June for people living in the UK – those who arrived in the country before January 2020 will almost automatically receive a long-term residence permit after a simple registration.

Based on the quarterly statistics, the portal estimates that the number of registered Hungarians could reach 200,000 by the end of June, that is, the number of people permanently living and working abroad.

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