Alonso sympathizes with Hamilton because he is not fighting for victory at the moment

Alonso sympathizes with Hamilton because he is not fighting for victory at the moment

There are many classics in the current field of Formula One that do not give results in their lifetime. Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo have already had a chance to get used to the situation, but Lewis Hamilton is new to the sentiment – Alonso fully understands what the seven-times world champion is going through now.

Since the end of Ferrari’s era in the World Championship twice in Spain (ie 2014), Qatar’s third place finish has been the only notable result, so if anyone knows what it feels like to be in the middle after so many years of success. He asked Alonso at the venue of his last win (2013), before the Spanish Grand Prix, which was his home run.The BBC At the museum in Oviedo, he was honestly responsible for the attitude of his former McLaren teammate.

At the Qatar Grand Prix last year, they both took the podium, but this year the podium seems far for both under realistic conditions.Source: Xpb / James Moy Photography Ltd

“It’s the nature of sport. Sometimes you have a good car, sometimes less, but you still have to fight the same way to improve it. This year, too, we see that pilot identity is important, but not essential, to success in Formula 1, said a legend from Age 41 this summer. Lewis still drives as well as he’s been driving for the past eight years, breaking all records and winning hundreds [103] first place. And now in Australia or where he said he’s still a second late after a great run. so welcome [a középmezőnyben]”Louis”.

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Based on this year’s cars, the Alps don’t seem far from Mercedes, but based on the points the Silver Arrows are well ahead (95 points against 26), thanks to Russell’s luck and Alonso’s misfortune. The two-time world champion has complained about his misfortune many times before, but now he has highlighted how a pilot’s background actually played a role in the pilot’s success.

Surely Alonso needed an excellent car to win the world title, which he owes to the teamSource: DPA / AFP / Worldwide use, Verwendung weltweit / Ralf Hirschberger

“F1 is like this, it’s not going to be completely fair just by numbers. This is a team sport that we often forget, especially when it comes to success. That’s exactly what happened to me.” [2005-ben és 2006-ban]: It was a big word that I beat Michael Schumacher, but the truth is that my car was also more reliable and faster. And in recent years I’ve done great stints at times, but I finished 15th. This is impossible to explain to people. He deserves all the success he’s had [Hamilton]but it’s important to note what kind of car you got by turning the steering wheel.”

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