Alonso: It’s been given to anyone, but we’ll just do anything for it

Fernando Alonso doesn’t feel Aston Martin’s sudden rise is due to F1’s new rules. He sees the secret in owner Lawrence Stroll and his methods.

Regardless of Aston Martin’s persistence after their podium finish at the opening of the year, their team can be said to have made more progress than anyone else in a single winter after last year’s seventh-place finish for manufacturers. In qualifying, it was 2.4 seconds faster than last year, while Red Bull, the most improved of the leading teams, was able to accelerate by 0.9 seconds.

Several teams have begun to cite Aston Martin as an example, saying that it proves that sudden big jumps are possible even within the strict framework of the rules. Fernando Alonso was asked at the press conference after the podium in Bahrain if the fact that Aston Martin had now opened the year as the second fastest team and was able to catch the best in one winter was an indication that the new rules were working. .

“I don’t think so. No.” – answered the Spaniard.

“This takes vision and ambition from Lawrence Stroll and our management. Because everyone has the opportunity, but only one team seems willing to do anything to win. And I am proud to be a member of this organization.”

– said the two-time world champion, criticizing others.

Fernando Alonso (Photo: XPB)

This isn’t the first time something similar has been said from the Silverstone camp. Over the winter, team boss Mike Crack also spoke in an interview that while many teams have set themselves the goal of becoming the leading team, he sees Aston Martin as the only one who really wants to do so. He was targeting their new factory and wind tunnel under construction, as well as hiring several professionals.

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Picnic: We must take it seriously!

Owner Lawrence Stroll’s method is no different from what he used in the lower classes. For the sake of his son’s progress, he was also behind the start-up of the Prima team, and the shortest way was to bring in recognized professionals until then.

They see the basis of Aston Martin’s success at Red Bull in re-hiring their former employees. After the race, everyone from Sergio Pérez to Helmut Marko to Christian Horner called out their “three Red Bull” comments. But Max Verstappen agrees with Alonso. “Fernando is absolutely right. It doesn’t matter if it’s the previous generations or the current generation, if they have the right people in charge and they really want to win, they’ll get the right people, whatever they can.” said the Dutchman.

Lawrence Stroll is proud of his team and is convinced that they will soon reach their goal.

“It proves that we have to take seriously what I said: we will fight for the title in five years. And it will come! This is now a clear sign of that.”

he said after the race Sky SportsCanadian businessman.

Lawrence’s outing (Photo: XPB)

He also talked about the team’s transformation. “We’ve made big changes. We’ve increased the team from about four hundred people to over seven hundred. Added to that is a larger factory that’s a new benchmark, which we’ll be moving into on May 1.”

“The current success cannot be attributed to the new factory, but I believe it is related to my passion and vision to inspire and motivate people in this profession.” – Tell.

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They managed to win Alonso with him in the same way as before Dan Fallows, Eric Blandin or Luca Forbato and other lesser-known specialists who joined them from other guards. “Fernando raced for Ferrari when Lance was part of the Ferrari Academy. He was 12, so they have known each other for a long time.”

“Fernando is one of the most amazing drivers ever, we’ve known each other for a long time and share the same beliefs. I showed him our plan for the future, and since he’s known me for a long time, he said: “You are the future and I want to be a part of it.“That’s why he decided to sign us.”

Fernando Alonso (Photo: XPB)

Prior to that, team president Mike Krack and backfield manager Martin Whitmarsh stood behind the plans. “This is the reality. There are a lot of people who put a lot of energy into it. There have been skeptics along the way, which I understand, but I am convinced we will disprove them.” Picnic said.

They asked if they would change their goals for 2023 after third place, and if so, what the new goals are. “I don’t like setting goals. We’re going to do our best and now we’ve finally proven we can. Like a lot of people, we’re going to get a lot better in the year. We’re still at the beginning with our car. CFD time and wind tunnel time will improve our situation, but I don’t want to set specific goals, The main thing is to have a good year.” – said the owner of the team.

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