Alonso doesn't realize he could have been a regular at Rikknen

Alonso doesn’t realize he could have been a regular at Rikknen

The fight of 42 kids Kemerikinen and 40 kids Fernando Alonso was one of the highlights of the American Grand Duke, but the two-time world champion in Spain was left with nothing to do after the former great opponent had to retake the position he had won.

In the United States, not only in flax, but also in the cold part of the field. One of the pilots most attached to his crime was Fernando Alonso XIX, who once met a great opponent, Kimi Ricini. According to the two-time world champion, the Finnish driver was ahead of him, so he does not understand why he had to return the place, but in connection with the fight with the Rikknen team, he admitted that he was irregular.

Maybe Rikkenen and Alonso were feeling a bit nostalgicForrs: Florent Gooden / DPPI / Florent Gooden

At the 2005 and 2007 World Championships, Ferrarin worked as a team for two seasons in a battle that took place outside the scoring points, when Rikkenen tried in the first corner and then crossed the exit circuit. The Spaniard then warned that he thought Ricini should be brought back, but the supervisors decided so.

“Obviously we decided that, so we have to accept it,” said Alonso, who was eliminated due to a recent technical issue and then raised several other issues when the contender who won the bonus had to retake the position in the 56th row. . – I don’t know if they took part in the whole race, but with Land the first time, the same thing happened at turn 12. Bell lay down, before Sainz, who went downstairs, reclaiming where he had to go back later. Then in the last stage of the race, when I beat Giovinazzi for the second time, I started in my 12th round, and I beat the Pearl, taking back the place he had to take back this time.”

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He also met the world champion for a moment

The moderators brought together the case between Alonso and Rijkkenen that the Finns had nowhere to go because Alonso diverted her from the podium, while the contact between Giovinazzi and Alonso combined that the Italian picture could have had another chance. Alonso argues, the previous explanation doesn’t really stand out.

In a way, one always gets something else off the table if they deal with the first. The competitor must decide whether or not steam will remain on the surface. Sainz, Giovinazzi sn I did the latter. And then, of course, you have to give us back our prestige, because we’re moving forward with all our might. However, Kimi is no longer. That’s why I realized that the brskods were not consistent.”

Alonso outperformed other Alfa Romeo leader Antonio Giovinazzi twice in the race, running first into corner 12, re-arranging the Italian MG. But from the second start, it was Mister Giovinazzi who was in the same place, so he had to leave Alones. The two-time world champion has denied that he has been erratic in the past to point out the error in Ricken’s move.

Giovinazzi was reluctant to let Alon go

“When I got past Anthony, I saw the maneuver was OK. I started really well in League 12 and took the turn. When the team came to give me the position, I knew it was the right move, and it just made sense, since I started again I took advantage of coming down to Earth “.

“Unfortunately, by the time I got back to my seat, I was a few seconds away, so I lost a lot of time. But I got the error, and then Jiu did the same, and had to put it back. And here we go back to the starting point, i.e. in Kimi’s case, it looked It’s weird. But I didn’t try to prove anything, I just tried calling. We tried 10th was clunk. We obviously respect everything the FIA ​​says.”

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Alonso did not ultimately take revenge on the story, as a cooling wing failure would have put an end to the competition.

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