Almost all restrictions are lifted in Denmark

Almost all restrictions are lifted in Denmark

Almost all restrictions are lifted in Denmark

Denmark will lift nearly all restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic, which means almost everything in the Scandinavian country can reopen from Friday, but nightclubs and discos will remain closed.

The decision was backed by the majority of lawmakers at a hearing until Tuesday morning.

Regardless of comfort, people should continue to be careful to walk away, prove they have been vaccinated against the virus, show a negative coronavirus test, or prove they were recently infected.

In Denmark, restaurants, bars, gyms and many other places were previously allowed to reopen, and in addition, most students returned to school. University students can also attend classes in person again, and evening and music schools can return to normal work.

Telework will be broken down into three steps, as everyone will have to return to work indoors by early August.

The ceiling for participants in internal events will be raised from 25 to 50 and for participants in external events from 75 to 100.

Although the number of cases associated with coronavirus infection has started to increase slightly after the previous mitigation, it remains relatively stable.

Anyone over the age of 16 can receive the Coronavirus vaccination in Germany

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