Almost all products in Kaposvár have won medals

Almost all products in Kaposvár have won medals

Athletes from Bakó-Sas Fitness SE in Kaposvár took the stage in Budapest, this time at the IFBB Hungarian Fitness Cup for Kids, how much training and endurance training is worth. The results showed that the association’s artistic director, Medea Bruckner Sass, and its coach, Vanreza Szrinka, did a great job: the jury awarded 14 of the 19 productions in Kaposvar to the jury. The youngest team of Bakó-Sas Fitnesz SE, at six to eight, showed their talent for the first time in competition, and the young women immediately opened with a silver medal.

“A lot of training and work, as well as the diligence and behavior of the kids in the exercises helped,” said Prukner-Sas Médea, President of Bakó-Sas Fitness SE. – Thanks to the development, we are doing much better than in March. Based on that, we can be better in the IFBB scoring competition in Kaposvar.

The public can see 220 productions by nearly three hundred artists at the Hungarian Cup in Budapest. The residents of Kaposvar distinguished themselves from the field this time as well, although they were presented to the jury twice less due to illness.

Gold Medals: Réka Sovák (A 2011), Kinga Szabó (A 2007), Carnival Team (Members: Anilla Tóth Netti, Anna Ernst, Noémi Fodor, Bernadett Balázs, Anna Péterfi, Luca Pető, Lola Oargó).

Silver Medals: Anilla Tóth Netti (B 2011), Adél Székely (B 2007), Team Angel-Devil (Members: Anetti Nóth Tóth, Luca Bali, Zsófia Kiss, Réka Sovák), Team Soda & Yoda (Members: Panna Dobrovóczky, German – Aliz Jó, Dóra Bárány, Fanni Réti, Olivia of Transylvania, Zorka Tömösváry).

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Bronze medalists: Luca Pali (A 2009), Sania Cordelli (B over 16). Qualifying medals. Gold Medalists: Anna Petervi (2012), Bernadette Palaz (2012), Luca Beto (2011), Viola Varga (2011). Silver Medal: Lola Ojtó (2010). Other results: 4th place Fodor Noémi (B 2012). 6th place: Sándor Kincs (B 2008), Horváth-Bank Norina (B 2007), 7th place Kiss Zsófia (B 2009), 8th place Ernst Anna (B 2010).

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