All the important events of the fourth day of the Tokyo Olympics in one place

All the important events of the fourth day of the Tokyo Olympics in one place

CMVD will meet Australia in the quarter-finals of the men’s gym

CMVD Fiji will meet Australia in the final quarter of the Tokyo Olympic Games on Tuesday.

The group ended in the standings on Tuesday, with Fiji beating Britain again, 43-7, and then a 33-7 victory over the United States. In the first set, world champion J-Zland won Australia in the first half 0-12 at 14-12. In Group C, the South African team finished a flawless performance by defeating the USA in the last group match.

Of the two-thirds of the group, Austrians and Canadians reached a quarter, due to the error of the ranks circulating in Kenya, only in the ninth and twelfth centuries. They can keep playing.

Eredmnyek, rgbi (Tokii Stadion):
the group:
Argentina Republic and Korea 56-0
J-Zealand – Australia 14-12
Score: 1. G-Zeland 9 points, 2. Argentina 7, 3. Australia 5, 4. Korea 3

Group B:
Canada Japan 12-36
Fiji – Great Britain 7-33
Results: 1. Fiji 9, 2. Great Britain 7, 3. Canada 5, 4. Japan 3

Group C:
rorszg-Kenya 12-7
South Africa – United States 12-17
The result was: 1. The Republic of South Africa 9 points, 2. The United States 7, 3. France 5, 4. Kenya 3

ksbb (in Hungarian time):
A 9-12. your location:
Russian Korean Republic 9.300.000
Kenya – Japan 10.000.000
J-Zland – Canada 10.30.003
Great Britain – United States 11.000.000
South Africa – Argentina 11.30
Fiji – Australia 12.00.0000

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