All places are taken at the dog shelter in Szekszárd

in the past two weeks A total of ten neglected dogs Their discoverers took them to the Szekszárd dog shelter. This is the total number of dogs on the farm He reached two hundred and nineteen. This means that the facility is completely full.

From now on, dogs that are not in Szekszárd will not be accepted, even with good intentions, Szilvia Fiáth, the head of the shelter, told our newspaper. Moreover, the four people in the county seat are only in extremely justified cases. The manager continued, “Not a few people think that our facility is a kind of endless lake that can accommodate almost unlimited animals.”

“But that is not the case at all.” Seats are taken and financial resources are limited, so we were forced to make this unpopular but necessary decision. Many people don’t even think about what kind of care each puppy requires, other than food. All puppies must receive four vaccinations and a slide. This can mean approximately 30,000 HUF per animal. On Monday six dogs from Sötétvölgy were brought to us, and it cost one hundred and eighty thousand forints to vaccinate them.

For comparison’s sake: the establishment was recently a Also organized by As a result of the vote, he managed to raise two hundred thousand forints. This amount provides a day’s worth of food for shelter animals, even if they are limited. To sum up the essence, the shelter is responsible to the municipality of Szczard, so from now on it will be open to dogs from the district headquarters only. No other settlements can currently be provided.

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– This restriction is in effect until responsible and important adoption begins in our county – said Szilvia Fiáth. However, at the moment, there is not much hope for that. In the past period, our German partner organization has also surpassed our county in dog adoption. It will still be necessary in many cases to change the attitude and the resulting correct practice. But as long as many people don’t even vaccinate their dogs against diseases, this demand for change will remain wishful thinking.

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