All of America was a fan of the 83-centimeter Hungarian, and even the street was named after him

The family comedy series ALF is also a hit in Hungary, as a furry alien disrupts the family’s quiet daily life. Millions of people all over the world loved the series, but only a few knew that ALF was usually played by a Hungarian man, when the funny creature appeared head to toe or animated – in disguise, it was none other than Mihály Mészáros, or Michu.

This prominent Hungarian actor was Alf and Michael Jackson's close friend

This prominent Hungarian actor was Alf and Michael Jackson’s close friend

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Michu was born on October 1, 1939 in Pély (sing sources According to Budapest), the 83-centimeter man soon began his career in the circus and achieved tremendous success. In 1986, the world knew him as ALF, and he became a huge star. Later, he also appeared in 1993’s Freaked, which also featured Keanu Reeves in disguise – but Mihály Mészáros eventually returned to the circus life.

One of the highlights of Michoux’s career was the Pepsi commercial, in which she appeared with Michael Jackson. It is said that they became good friends with Jaco, and were also together in Hungary when the King of Pop visited us.

The fact that the smallest street in Hawthorne, California, was named after him in the 1980s, Michu Lane, is also a huge testament to Michu’s popularity, which is of course quite an honor, especially for someone born in Hungary.

Also known as the smallest man on Earth, Mihaly Mizaros “Micho” suffered a stroke in 2008, after which he suffered from several health problems. In 2016 he fell ill, his manager found him, after which he fell into a coma and on June 13, at the age of 76 Passed away. With his passing, we have lost a true Hungarian superstar who was known, respected and loved almost everywhere – Micho’s name will be remembered forever.

You can watch Michu as ALF here:

And here you can see a Pepsi ad with Michael Jackson:

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