Alkimia Interactive is working on a remake of Gothic

Alkimia Interactive is working on a remake of Gothic


It is named after Barcelona studio that was working on a remastered version of the German RPG game.

Mar 11, 2021 17:15 | Dino | Category: Game

The German Piranha Bytes was a popular role-playing game in the early 2000s Gothic a series. After transferring the rights to the series to THQ Nordich, at the end of 2019, through a small demo, the publisher, who was expanding very actively in both development studios and IP addresses, tried to assess whether he was interested enough to have a revamped version 20 years later. Gothic Game.

Feedback from the players was positive, which led to the decision making and they began to actively assemble the team for development. The demo in Unreal Engine 4 was prepared by THQ Nordic Barcelona, ​​but the studio in the Catalan capital has since earned a final name and is now operating under the name Alkimia Interactive.

The team is already made of RPG nerds, but they are still waiting for new employees, even to work remotely. Job offers a Official Website It can be viewed or seen.

Gothic Remake is made for PC and the new console generation. ■

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Gothic remake
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