Alexandra's stylist isn't the jealous type, but she doesn't bear often flirt

Alexandra’s stylist isn’t the jealous type, but she doesn’t bear often flirt

Especially when these signals come from a group of friends.

Barber Alexandra Volts Kadarkay They change Behind the words As a guest, the jealousy issue was also addressed during the 54-minute broadcast. The actress told her partner, Big Irvent She is usually surrounded by fans, and they are usually handled really well by her and the actor, so the jealousy doesn’t get unhealthily great.

But Barber said he has a hard time flirting, especially with close acquaintances.

I can’t stand when women aren’t fair to each other. For me, it is very important that in all of my friendships, when husbands get together somewhere, there is no level of comfort in that even in flirting with my girlfriends’ husbands. This is a sacred thing. I can’t stand anything like that, it took a very long time to explain that it’s not jealousy, it’s just that women don’t give some respect. I love women, but they’re not the same as men. Not one friend, an acquaintance, was a co-worker courting Irvine

The actress said that among her friends were already trying to open up to Nagy. This is usually difficult to deal with.

I usually leave the scene, I don’t feel like it. We’ll discuss everything later, but Irvine knows me better than me. He sees everything and is already coming. Everyone sees me.

The show can be heard on Club Radio every Sunday from 1pm.

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