Aldi decided to take a very surprising step

Decades ago, Aldi split into two parts, the Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd supermarket chains, and it was known in professional circles that they were not on good terms. This is why they were not expected to incorporate online trading activities in Germany, he writes News portal. According to the plans, they will also start selling food online in the near future.

Accordingly, the two companies established Verwaltungs GmbH for this activity, which set up its headquarters in Düsseldorf – and assumed responsibility for Lebensmittel Zeitung Retail news portal news.

The two Aldi companies are equally involved in the joint venture. Directors were brought in from abroad to lead the company. The goal is to create a common web store without regional differences. Until now, discount chains have only sold non-food products in the virtual space in their home markets. In the future, food will also be provided on the Internet.

Aldi Süd has relatively extensive experience in e-commerce. Deliveroo, which provides home delivery in the UK, operates such a site with Instacart in the US. He was able to create these with a relatively small investment.

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