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Aldi also waits in vain for the goods trapped in the Suez Canal

Aldi also waits in vain for the goods trapped in the Suez Canal

The Egyptian state is demanding $ 1 billion in compensation from the operator of a giant container ship that had been closing the gate for nearly a week, but European and American customers’ patience with the goods transported on the cargo ship has become increasingly impatient.

Taiwanese company Evergreen Marine Corp will move the container ship’s EverGive cargo to other ships so it can deliver the ordered cargo, he writes Wall Street Journal.

Eighteen thousand pieces of Evergreen seized by the Egyptian authorities are loaded into containers of more than 6 meters in length;

The goods stored in it have been waiting unsuccessfully for customers for weeks. The containers were loaded with all manner of products made in Asia, from toilet paper and coffee to bicycles and furniture, and destined for Europe and the United States. The Association of Hungarian Shipping Agents estimates that there can be 20 different goods per container on board.

Customers are impatient.

Photo: Suez Canal Authority / Agence France-Presse

For example, Aldi informed its customers in a Facebook post that many of its promised products for the months of March and April are being wasted on the cargo ship and delayed by at least a month. The German discount chain store, which operates ten thousand, wrote:

Sorry, but the special products you are looking for may be delayed due to current events.

The Japanese company that owns the ship,

Shwe Kesen demanded a total compensation of $ 916 million against Keisha, and the container ship with its cargo was seized by an Egyptian state-owned company running the Suez Crossing,

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After crossing the Evergreen and suspending it in the canal on March 23, the most important maritime connection between Asia and Europe was closed for six days.

As we reported, the 400-meter container ship crossed a narrow southern section of the Suez Canal under the influence of strong winds and its nose receded ashore. He was released with the help of locomotives and bulldozers. About 27,000 cubic meters of sand have been dug around the structure. The process was hampered by the fact that the bottom of the bed was rocky.

According to experts, the disruption to supply chains caused by only six days of disruption can recover in a matter of months. In addition to its crowded costs of more than $ 600 million, the company, the operator of one of the world’s most important portals, is demanding $ 300 million in compensation from the major Japanese company for damage to its commercial reputation.

Photo: Tariq Waguih / Agence France-Presse

Experts who have told the global economy also say that Evergreen Marine, the company that operates the vessel, is unlikely to do poorly at the Legal Duke’s end.

Shwe Kisen Kaisha, the ship’s owner, will pass the expected penalty in part to the companies that pack their cargo on the Evergiven voyage.

This is also possible for a large Japanese company, under the law of the sea inherited from the times of the Byzantine Empire, which distributes the financial damage incurred during the voyage evenly among the owners of the goods transported on board the ship.

Image: Satellite Image © 2021 Maxar Technologies / AFP PHOTO

The Taiwanese ship operator is now preparing to transfer the Ever Givene cargo to other empty ships that can be operated in the area and used to transport cargo to Rotterdam. But transshipment is a serious, unresolved logistical problem at Great-Search Lake, where the container ship is currently bribing. So Ever Givent should be redirected to nearby Port Said. As stated in Written by The Wall Street JournalContainer owners must pay a security deposit equal to 10% of the total value of the consignment only in order for Evergiven to head to Port Said Port; This is a guarantee that their share of the final bill will also be borne by them.

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Customers who waited in vain for their goods could still spend millions of dollars on it by the time they received the expected shipment – unless the Taiwanese shipping company succeeded in convincing the Egyptian authorities to handle the ship and its cargo separately and allow the latter to sail.

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