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Albon has been working on the 2024 car in the simulator for months

Albon has been working on the 2024 car in the simulator for months

Interesting information about the developments of Williams has been revealed by Williams driver Alexandre Albon, who, according to his claim, has been helping to prepare the 2024 car in the simulator since April and there is also a specific area for him. Pay particular attention with the engineers.

Although still short of the glorious results of the old days and the regular point-scoring of the early years of the Hybrid, Williams looks more “viable” in 2023 than in previous seasons. Thanks to the points of Alexander Albon, who excelled in the first twelve weekends, they are currently seventh in the standings, which has not been seen for a long time by a modest stable at the end of the line.

The aim, of course, is to make more progress, as Aston Martin did after 2022 and McLaren in the middle of the 2023 season, thanks to new developments implemented before the summer break. Williams gives a longer time frame for this, but he definitely wants to jump in.

To this end, more and more focus is being placed on the development of the 2024 car. Albon recently revealed interesting information in this regard: He said he had been helping the engineers’ work for some time, and one of their main goals would be to improve and find balance. “If you listen to the comments of Lando (Norris) and Oscar (Piastri), you will notice that they are not saying that the car itself (McLaren) has improved, but that they have made progress in terms of balance.” He began.

Alexander Albon (Photo: XPB)

They mainly talk about the fact that their car has a little more traction. They’ve made great strides in this regard, but not in terms of drivability. As early as April I started working on next year’s car in the simulator and made sure we changed the characteristics to try and mitigate the constant balance problems we’ve had in the last four or five years. We’re very focused on this for 2024– he completed.

The fact that Williams started action in 2024 just a month into the season might seem like a bold move, but according to Albon, there was good reason for the team to start in that direction. And not by the way, they follow a specific plan.

This proves that the team has ambitions. It shows where we think we need to improve, and mid-year improvements alone don’t motivate us to keep working towards the target. Aston Martin is a great example of focus, development time frame and long term thinking. The development package, which was added to the car in Canada, is already planned for February, and even some parts have already been manufactured. Therefore, you can pay attention to the coming year. There are not many developments coming this year. Al-Kindi was the most importantHe confirmed.

If you work this way, you will save more time for next year. We don’t want to be eighth, but we would like to be fifth or fourth, and that of course takes time. That would be a big jump. The work done by Aston Martin and McLaren shows that this takes time. It’s an interesting topic…the big things I see only bring small improvements, while the mid-range teams throw the big teams away. Much can depend on the cost limit. It’s more efficient for mid-range teams to do it this wayHe finished.

Alexander Albon (Photo: XPB)

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