Alaba: “Az El Clásico a mögötte álló történelem miatt különleges”

Alaba: El Clásico is special because of the history behind it

Although this is only the first season for David Alaba, he has repeatedly experienced what it means to play and pay for El Clasico. In addition to several players, he also gave an interview to Real Madrid TV, the main topic of which, of course, was the Sunday Rally.

“The team is in good shape. We’re running a good run, playing well, but we know we need to keep going. I don’t think it’s the only key to winning the match, we have a lot to do if we want to get out of the fencing.”

“Playing El Clásico is amazing. It is a great experience and a day that will be remembered for a long time. Like I said, this is a special experience. El Clásico is special because of the history behind it. In the week before the match, there is a special atmosphere around the place, just like last time. I think it is different. About the other matches.

Score a goal in his first appearance

“My goal was great. How can I not remember it? I came up with the ball from the defense, ran to the left edge, then got the ball back inside the hexagon and hit it well.”

Do people enjoy the El Clasico match in Austria?

“I don’t think it’s only in my country Austria. El Clásico is special in Germany and around the world. It’s a match that everyone wants to watch and that makes it so special. I prepare for it the same way I do every week, I will do what I always do.”

Message to the fans

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“I love Madrid, and I am excited to be here. A beautiful city full of good people and the club is great. I am very happy here. Thank you for your support. See you on Sunday, Hala Madrid!”

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