Airbus establishes hydrogen propulsion development center in the UK

Airbus is setting up a technology development center for hydrogen-powered aircraft in the UK, with significant funding from the country’s government.

The primary task of ZEDC (Zero Emissions Development Center) in the UK will be to develop a cost-competitive cryogenic fuel system to store liquid hydrogen at very low temperatures and then deliver it to the engines, designed for the Airbus ZEROe 2035 passenger aircraft. Its successful commercialization.

The center, which is set up in Felton, is responsible for the design, development, manufacture and testing of cryogenic tanks and related systems.

Source: Airbus

In addition, the center will help build the right UK knowledge and skills on hydrogen propulsion technologies.

UK ZEDC will receive £685 million in UK Government support over the next three years from Airbus’ local partner, the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), to develop carbon-neutral, ultra-low-emissions aircraft technologies.

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The European manufacturer also operates complementary development centers in Spain, France and Germany. In Madrid and Germany Compound in Stade, Nantes and Bremen And the specialists of the manufacturer are working on the development of metal construction technologies.

Airbus’ zero-emissions development centers will begin ground testing of cryogenic hydrogen tanks next year, and the flight program will begin in 2026, according to the manufacturer’s plans. As we wrote earlierAirbus MSN 001 has turned its serial A380 prototype into a technology demonstrator.

Source: Airbus

Airbus and ATI have been working together since the summer of 2021, when they invested £40m in the AIRTeC Research and Test Center in Felton, which is designing a new generation of wings, landing gear and fuel systems.

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