Air New Zealand is creating sleeping compartments on its planes

On very long routes, Air New Zealand often makes one of aviation’s greatest dreams come true: it creates sleeping cabins in economy class.

Air New Zealand sleeping cabinSource: screenshot / Air New Zealand / Youtube

According to the latest information, passengers can use previously announced Air New Zealand flights with Economy Skynest berths from September 2024.

In addition to the newly acquired 787s, the airline has also created a cabin on its existing Dreamliners and Boeing 777-300ERs on its long-haul aircraft. The Economy Skynest provides six passengers with completely horizontal sleeping space, with three beds one on top of the other.

The beds are two meters long and the lying surfaces are 58 cm wide at the shoulders and slightly narrower at the feet. Each bed surface will come with retractable curtains, full-size pillows, sheets and blankets, and passengers will be provided with earplugs. The cabins are equipped with mood lighting and intensity to help you sleep. The beds are also equipped with individual air vents, reading lights and USB sockets for charging personal devices.

Passengers can add the use of Economy Skynest to Economy Class bookings for an additional fee. Berths can be reserved for 4 hours, with half-hour breaks in between, while the hosts clean the room and move the beds.

The airline has not announced the exact prices yet, but it expects that similar to the Economy Skycouch product (when a passenger can book three seats next to each other and convert them into a bed by folding the seat panels from the legroom), this solution will also be adopted by other companies, He writes air gate.

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