AIPS: Anna Szilágyi won the Main Prize for Young Photographers

AIPS: Anna Szilágyi won the Main Prize for Young Photographers

Anna Szilagi’s picture “European Champions” became the best in the category of under-30 photographers at the AIPS Virtual Media Awards Monday night, in which our compatriot won a scholarship to participate in one of the global competitions offered by AIPS .


Announcing the winning moment

The third but virtual award ceremony took place in Vigevano on Monday night – the first award ceremony was in Lausanne in 2019, the second in Budapest last year – at the famous horse riding arena of a Renaissance castle in a small town in northern Italy. The candidates were broadcast from a distance.

Young Hungarian photojournalist, Anna Zelaghi At the end of the final match of the European Water Polo Championship in Budapest last January, at the moment of the bagpipes, he named Tamas Marks, who won the tournament, a picture of the federal captain and his revelers. In this category, in addition to Anna Szilágyi, the photographer of the Chinese photo agency Chenpin Csong and employee of the British Guardian, Portuguese Filipe Amorim, was in the top three.

The jury found Anna Szilágyi the best, the winner. Its introduction was announced by Sattam Ali Al Sahli, Head of the Asia Division at AIPS.

“I am so grateful to the men’s water polo team for its success last year that it allowed me to take a picture about it. I am also grateful to Fradi Media for their ability to cover this event, due to many members of the Ferencváros national team, for being there in the European Championships. I hardly have to stress: I did not expect such appreciation at all, when I placed the order I was hoping to get something, but I didn’t dream about winning. Quoted Anna Zelaghi After the award ceremony Official website of the Association of Hungarian Sports Journalists.

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György Szöllősi, Nemzeti Sport’s editor-in-chief and MSÚSZ president congratulated the first Hungarian AIPS Media Award winner over the phone in the minutes following the announcement.

“This is a truly historic moment for us, as a Hungarian journalist or photographer who has never won a WMA award. Anna Szilágyi, who received the MSÚSZ Level Award last year for her photo of synchronized swimmers, really deserves all the recognition. It is a special pleasure to be able. On filming a great shot of a Hungarian team at a world event in Hungary as a Hungarian competitor. ” – MSÚSZ head said.

Anna Szilágyi, as confirmed by Gianni Merlo, the Italian president of AIPS, speaking to the young winners, will receive a scholarship for a major global event.

Accompanied by the winner, György Szöllősi, Mokka will be a guest on TV 2 on Tuesday morning.

A total of 1,781 entries were received in 12 different categories, and a prestigious international professional jury finally selected the best of the categories shortened by the AIPS Executive Committee, of which Zsuzsa Csisztu, Vice President of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association, is the only winner was announced, while the Label the first three in the basic categories.

In the eight core categories (Motion Picture, Photo Series, Film Portrait, Documentary Film, Shorter TV Report, Smaller and Bigger Written Breathe Material, Radio Production), winners received $ 8,000, Runner-up Winners $ 3,000, and Third Place Winners $ 2,000.

Of course, Ferencváros’ official Twitter channel also mentioned Anna Szilágyi’s success, as the photojournalist mainly works for Fradi Media through the photography agency Photo Corner

More winners
Best Business Photo:
Andrezj Grygiel (Poland) – Crash – PPA
Best Picture Series: Adam Pretty (Australia) – Olympic Climbing Athletic Show – Getty Images
Best Documentary Film: Louis Myles (Great Britain) – Stop the Tour – BT Sport
Best Profile Movie: Pierre Deprez (Belgium) -Pewter Van Montagu: No-Medium Archer – RTBF
Best Short Film: Hassan Kadyououra (France) – Ines Ibbou’s open letter to Dominique Taim-Magteam
Best Essay Series: Bernt Jakob Oxnes (Norway) – Mother’s death – Dagbladet
Best review article: Dina Asher Smith (UK) – “Do you think I am affected by racism? Every day …” – The Telegraph
Best Radio Production: Tracy Holmes (Australia) – Ticket – ABC

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Youth Awards
the best movie
: Clarisse Sikh (Cameroon) – Karate Tai Sabaki – CRTv
Best article: Ari Schneider (USA) – two climbers. Best friends. Place in the Olympiad. – New York times


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