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Agyb* has arrived in a new Matrix Resurrections preview, and now we're full of questions

Agyb* has arrived in a new Matrix Resurrections preview, and now we’re full of questions

The Matrix Resurrections is one of the most awaited films of this year and the end of the year, even if fans can see for themselves what this new Matrix is, it is as exciting and modern as it was in the first part of 1999 in those days. Crew members have proven more than once that this is both a formal and objective take on the trilogy, and seeing the latest mind-boggling preview, we begin to understand why Lana Wachowski and her cast are excited about this resurrection.

The new preview can be analyzed, and there are a lot of interesting things to discover, which really predict what to expect from the entire movie. “Déjà Vu” is the title of the trailer, which we know what it means, or if we do not know, it tells us in advance: this is what they call the phenomenon of something markedly changed in the matrix from an unusual repetition that disturbs reality. In the first part, it precedes the attack that struck our heroes during which Morpheus was captured. In the beginning, we can also look at déjà vu in the classical sense, since repetition is at its center: the characters of the previous parts can be seen placed next to the heroes of the resurrection. This is a clear indication of what many fear that Part 4 will only repeat the first part, i.e. Neo and Triad will reawaken to self-awareness and then take up arms against the oppressive regime.

But the trailer also emphasizes the word “change”, which in the context of the matrix is ​​related to déjà vu, so let’s say the triple is in quotes, they know about its existence in this new virtual world (version), but this time they’ll turn into things different. Watching the video, we might think that the resurrection will somehow penetrate this “fourth wall,” meaning that it will become self-critical and even self-reflexive to the point of revealing itself as a movie. The Matrix trilogy was all about discovering the world behind virtual reality in the movie, but the Matrix cannot be taken down that way. Therefore, what happened in the previous parts cannot be repeated in the Resurrection, the heroes must avoid déjà vu and truly change their reality. If it does not happen by changing the matrix, then you have to move forward, you need to move up to a higher level. This means that it may not be enough to break through the walls of virtual reality known to the heroes yet, as they can easily bypass it. But until when? Maybe for our world to filter the film itself?

Well, Lana Wachowski certainly didn’t break the laurels of Béla Tarr and The Horse of Turin, but we’re expecting a really crazy story after our Déjà Vu preview on December 23, when Matrix Resurrections will hit Hungarian cinemas. You can see new images from the movie here.

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