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Agóra and NI Hungary jointly promote natural sciences - video - Debrecen news, Debrecen news |  Debrecen and Hadi Bihar provinces news

Agóra and NI Hungary jointly promote natural sciences – video – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hadi Bihar provinces news

Co-Promotion of Natural Science with Agora and NI Hungary – Video

Debrecen – This year twenty-year-old NI introduced children and adults, including disadvantaged families, to the world of science with fun interactive tasks.

NI Hungary Kft. Celebrating its twentieth birthday, on this occasion those interested and invited to the world of science were invited to the Agóra Science Experience Center.

In a 90-minute program called Science and Games, both adults and children were introduced to the natural sciences in one-and-a-half hour shifts. Participants were able to experience interactive games and participate in exciting presentations.

Deputy Mayor Lagos Barksa spoke at the event that training professionals in Debrecen is very important, as most new jobs require engineering knowledge.

– In order to meet this huge demand, it is important that education also provides training that indicates the direction of engineering sciences. This, in turn, requires the presence of a sufficient number of applicants for these educational institutions.

Lagos Barksa said Agora is the perfect place to draw the attention of children and their families to science materials, and NI has been an innovative company for twenty years that can draw attention to the importance of science through this kind of collaboration.

The deputy mayor explained that the municipality also makes various commitments to talented students. The social system provides support for talented students and their families, and the tender of the Hungarian Stock Exchange, which provides assistance to students in higher education, was recently closed. He emphasized that Debrecen is a city where he is looking for talent.

Róbert Hosszu, Managing Director of NI Hungary Kft, spoke about the fact that the company has been working hard to inspire future technical professionals for the past 20 years.

A very important step in this is to show the children the path to science. We have now complemented this goal with a resolution that will help create a more equal society.

We deal with underprivileged children with the help of the Dorkász Foundation. Thanks to this, a hundred disadvantaged children can learn about natural sciences and technical solutions at one turn

Robert Hoszo confirmed.

About four hundred people attended this event. Robert Hoszo hoped that specialists would emerge from them in the future.

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