After Vienna, mysterious diseases were also discovered at the US Embassy in Berlin

Spiegel write about itThat after Vienna, mysterious diseases similar to those first recorded among the employees of the United States Embassy in Havana were discovered at the United States Embassy in Berlin.

According to the newspaper, a syndrome also known as Havana syndrome has been discovered in at least two diplomats in recent months. Sudden onset of dizziness, headache, vision loss, nausea, severe headache and other complaints made some patients unable to work.

The US Embassy in Berlin on August 1, 2018.

Photo: Alberto Bezzali/Noor Photo/AFP

Such diseases were also tried at the embassy in Vienna in July, and since the first cases were registered in Havana in 2016 and 2017, the syndrome has been discovered in additional US missions.

Spiegel writes that every continent already has a US embassy with staff with Havana syndrome and a very large number of national security personnel working to prevent Russian intelligence.

According to a joint fact-finding study conducted by the news magazine and investigative portal Bellingcat, Russian government agencies are also working on a secret development program on a method that can remotely attack a target person with malicious waves. These can be sound waves, radio waves, or microwaves. (MTI)

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