After the surgery, more information was provided about Joe Biden's medical condition

After the surgery, more information was provided about Joe Biden’s medical condition

President Joe Biden was also routinely checked for colon at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Washington, on Friday, then underwent a full medical exam.

Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, said a benign three-millimeter octopus was removed from the president’s colon during a reflection. Tumor test results are expected to be completed next week.

O’Connor explained that Biden also complained about two health problems before the exams: He cleared his throat more frequently during his speeches, and it was stiffer, slower, and more chapped than before.

The expert consultation found that the former was due to acid reflux and the latter was due to a mild spinal problem and slight lameness after a previous leg fracture.

The health report also shows that Biden is also taking medication for age-related disorders such as high cholesterol, low heart rhythm problems, and seasonal allergies.

The latest medical report, as well as the latest post-study report of 2019, indicate that Joe Biden

“He’s still healthy, strong,” and “fit enough to take over as president.”

According to CNN The President left Walter Reed Military Hospital Friday evening CET.

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Colon Biden was under sedation on Friday, so power was temporarily handed over to Vice President Kamala Harris, who became the first woman to hold the presidency in 85 minutes that day. Power has been transferred to American leadership before, with George W. Bush as president and Dick Cheney as vice president.

Biden later wrote a letter to the presidents of the Senate and House of Representatives stating this He gets his powers back from Harris. The last full investigation with the incumbent was conducted in December 2019. He had previously fallen seriously ill, was hospitalized in 1988 with a brain hemorrhage, and a priest had already been called in to give up his last swab.

The president received two doses of the vaccine against the new type of coronavirus disease Covid-19, as well as a booster vaccine. Joe Biden is the oldest president in US history. There has been constant attention to his health since he announced that he would run in the 2020 presidential election.

As is known, he has repeatedly stumbled in important negotiations, He recently slept at the Glawgow Climate Summit.

In the cover photo, US President Joe Biden leaves Walter Reed National Military Hospital (MTI/EPA/Michael Reynolds).

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