After the super excitement, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl

After the super excitement, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl

In recent years, there have been many flawed Super Bowls, they were boring, and they were decided at the last minute. In 2022, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals played all the perfectly formed and memorable matches. It is by no means certain that the eventual winner was the best of the season, but he has won the last four games and that decides it all.

The hair of the NFL regular season brought an exciting thrill. But she cannot fail to do this, because the rules are laid out in such a way as to guarantee the computation. Then the qualifiers started miserably, with boring sub-par matches. But once the teams entered the decisive stage at the conclusion of the season, really good matches came. The main group finals were unforgettable:

The Los Angeles Rams eventually turned against San Francisco and won 20-17 with a field goal, while the Cincinnati Bengals won at Kansas City in overtime.

The long-awaited team, the Rams, and the surprising ranger, the Bengals, have arrived at HVAC. Energy.

The big American show began with “America is Beautiful” presented by Jenny Aiko, then Mickey Gayton sang the anthem according to her imagination. At first it was sad, but in the end it was funny, but intense.

In the match (because that’s why they gathered for 70,000 or so), the first acquaintance attacks didn’t score, but the Bengals foolishly overconfident, and instead of kicking the ball a good distance on the last try, “go human” but paid for it.

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Rams started from the midfield and easily reached a passing touchdown in the ninth minute.

7-0 for the best!

In response, Chase collected a massive pass 11 yards in front of the opponent’s target area. This is indeed a position worth 7 points from. But the catchers proved ‘hole’, so towards the end of the first quarter, Cincinnati had to settle for 3 points instead of a tie, so

After 15 minutes, the score was 7-3 on the big screen.

The second half brought the Rams points even earlier. Cobb got the pass from Matthew Stafford, another TD player, and led the home play company 13-3. By that time, the opponents were able to start asking themselves the question: When do our defenders start the match?

A minute later, as the extra points attempt was banned, rarely seen, it was a relegation point for LA. Then an incredible ordeal: Beckham, one of the best red-haired Rams sons, was injured, and no one was hurt nearby.

Maybe there was a problem with your shoes? It is a “crucifixion” of 200,000. It costs $1,400 and is decorated with 1,400 diamonds.

Maybe less than that would be enough?

When you hear about ticket prices, the majority of people in affluent America probably have their hearts right.

Average cost of entry (converter) is 2.8 million fort, 34 million for a better place.

It’s not a joke!

The broadcaster asked for 2.2 billion HUF for half a minute to advertise.

Let’s leave this, let’s get back to the match instead!

Bengals Higgins had a great ball, but not from the manager, and these unexpected things always tangled defensive lines to the point of attack.

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The team produces 2-3 of these per season. 13-10!

When the deal kicks in: Rams manager Stafford throws the egg ball at the opponent, which is a tragic thing in the sport because practically only an attacking goalkeeper can score points and the company has 3-4 attacks per quarter. That is, you have to pay attention to that ball like a male egg that you get from your lover on Easter.

Leading 13-10 from Los Angeles, both sides went on a 33-minute break.

Los Angeles Rams players celebrate their team's 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in the Vince Lombardi Cup.  Photo: MTI/EPA/Etienne Laurent

This is the amount of time that elapses between the blown Super Bowl game in the first half and the second half. During this time, the world is called. The first half show is entertaining.

Or annoying, it’s a matter of taste.

Now they are ranked among the greatest in the hip-hop world to fill the void. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar entertained the others. On the horizon, they stretched as everyone used to: Only Americans could turn a futuristic residential property into a soccer field in 10 minutes. Fans of this genre must have been very pleased with the music, but the other half of the audience (maybe even two-thirds) could have thought,

Who didn’t cut his veins just because he was curious about the second half of the sports programme.

However, everyone who hurt themselves is sorry that the second part of the game started in an exciting way: the Bengals took the lead after 12 seconds. Higgins picked up a ball from 75 yards and ran into the goal area, so

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With the sale of bonus points, Bengals are already leading 17-13.

Then with a field goal to 20-13. Then the rams were beautified in the same way, the Bengals were 20-16 in three-quarters of the big battle.

At 1.44 before the end, when everything seemed to be lost to the rams, the stewards gave him a heavy blow. It’s as if they got 11 in a football match for nothing. The verdict has been unexplained for years, and these verdicts can be produced without 8-10 minutes of video!

1.25 Before the end, the rams sold ziccer,

Taking the bonus kick point, he took the lead 23-20.

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVeigh celebrates the Vince Lombardi Cup.  Photo: MTI/AP/Mark J.Terrill

Then the Rams stopped the last Bengal attack in 46 seconds. With that, everything was decided.

After a stunning translation, the Los Angeles Rams won the LVI race. Energy!

Opening Ceremony: The Los Angeles Rams celebrated their team’s 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in the 56th NFL Final, the so-called Vince Lombardi Cup. The Super Bowl in Englewood, California on February 13, 2022. The Rams achieved their second Super Bowl success in history.

MTI / AP / Mark J. Terrill

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