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After the release of the new Silent Hill game, fans are wishing that the series will go to the grave

After the release of the new Silent Hill game, fans are wishing that the series will go to the grave

The interactive series frustrated fans of the series so much that they felt they would be better off if Konami let it sink into oblivion.

If we can write anything “for” Silent Hill: Ascension, it’s that it brought the series back into the public consciousness in a unique way. What we get is an almost free narrative experience where viewers influence the events. The problem is that the UI is terrible, every menu wants to sell stuff, and the quality of the content provided is very far from a AAA horror adventure.

We’ve detailed how things work in this article, but the bottom line is that viewers can vote by spending IP points to influence specific events in the interactive chain. If the voting period ends, we will receive a short episode of the series that we can watch with others. You can also chat during the premiere, but the chat is unmoderated, it is very easy with money to influence what is at the top of the conversation, so exactly the comments you are considering will be forwarded.

All of this is included in the Battle Pass, with the premium version of which you can dress up your avatar, which will either be in the show or not. It’s just a big piece of crap that wants you to keep consuming sparse content and paying as much as you can. The public is not happy.

“It’s honestly terrible. The UI overshadows everything, the animation is slow and low quality, and the whole thing feels like a low-budget indie game from seven years ago. Plus we have a Battle Pass for a TV series that takes 4 days to mess around with” Edit your decisions, write weird And the chat is full of insults… I can’t believe Konami decided to revive Silent Hill with this. “They should have left her for dead if that’s what they thought was acceptable.”

Residents of the /r/silenthill subreddit are incredulous. The above was just one comment from the sea of ​​criticism coming from the fans.

“The whole thing is a disaster. Brutal animation, weird pacing, hackneyed characters, sparse voice work, a Silent Hill feel, pointless decisions…and I’m not even mentioning the show’s abysmal poor formatting.”

It will be interesting to see how public opinion evolves as the weeks go by and the story of Silent Hill: Ascension continues to unfold. Fortunately for us, Konami seems to be working on several full-fledged Silent Hill projects, so hopefully they’ll provide quality entertainment.

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