After the Queen, not the third. Károly appears on Australian banknotes

Not the third on Australia’s new $5 banknote. A portrait of Britain’s King Charles will be shown, but a new design pays homage to the culture and history of early Australians – Writes CNN.

The new photo II. The National Bank of Australia (RBA) wrote that it will replace the portrait of Queen Elizabeth, adding that the decision was made in consultation with the Australian government. The bank will discuss the new image with the first Australians, and it may take several years for the $5 bill to be issued.

Queen Elizabeth II on Australian banknotesCredit: Shutterstock/Michael Leslie

The first Australians are the indigenous people of the country, who are also called the peoples of the First Nations. Members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group are descendants of the world’s oldest continuous culture, living on the continent for more than 65,000 years. Together they make up about 3.2% of the country’s population of 25 million.

The existing $5 bill will remain in circulation and will be legal tender even after the new face is introduced. Coins bearing the Queen’s image will remain in use “forever,” according to the bank.

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