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After Netflix, Sony Movies will be ending up at Disney +, so the full MCU will finally be available on one service provider.

After Netflix, Sony Movies will be ending up at Disney +, so the full MCU will finally be available on one service provider.

Perhaps nothing new to any of our readers is that due to the rise of live broadcasts in recent years, nearly all Hollywood studios (or media conglomerates) have launched their own platforms: WarnerMedia on HBO Max, Disney on Disney +, and ViacomCBS on Paramount +. However, recently it emerged that Sony Pictures agreed to Netflix instead of entering the competition; Their new films will enrich Reed Hastings’ catalog for five years starting in 2022 – only after cinematic distribution, of course, when they were actually released on DVD (however, the bad news is that according to Variety, the agreement only applies to the US at the moment. ).

As per the current state of affairs, the Morbius movie, arriving on January 21, 2022, will be available first on Netflix and then on Disney +.

However, in the weeks since the announcement, it became clear not only that Sony’s PS Plus Video Pass might debut soon, but also that Sony Pictures movies from 2022 to 2026 might not be available on Netflix for long. Studio agreed With Disney + that the company’s channels (Disney +, Hulu, National Geographic, etc.) you will also be able to play content that debuted during the aforementioned period. What does this mean in practice? Basically, once the Morbius movie, for example, has been shown / released on DVD by VOD providers, it will be available on Netflix – for a while, the licensing rights will be transferred to the other streaming provider previously mentioned.

While the most satisfying part of the news is undoubtedly that this will finally make all the MCU offerings available so far in the streaming service provider’s catalog, the agreement will include some of Sony’s previous titles, such as the Jumanji / Hotel Transylvania franchise, in Disney +. Just let’s wait!

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