After Netflix, games will also come to TikTok

After Netflix, games will also come to TikTok

According to press reports, after the Netflix streaming platform, the social platform TikTok will also get to know the gaming world.

Netflix launched its video player service last November, allowing subscribers to download Android and iOS games as part of their subscription and without in-app purchases. There are currently 17 games available on Netflix Games, but as we mentioned, there could be as many as 50 games in the company’s game catalog by the end of the year.

Encouraged by the idea of ​​Netflix, TikTok has also decided to invest in games, with at least several independent sources reporting that byteDance, which owns the social site, is testing video games in Vietnam – He writes The Reuters. The company is known to have started with simple, short-playing mini-games in which ads are included in the beginning. Revenue from these games will be distributed among themselves and the game developers.

The introduction of games is not an unexpected move, as the company previously announced an agreement with game development team Zynga to launch their Disco Loco 3D browser-based game on the platform. Of course, the main goal of all this is to spend more than 1 billion active users of TikTok on the platform.

The mini-games are set to arrive in most parts of Southeast Asia in the third quarter of 2022, but there is no word on if and when they will be available in other regions.

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