After more than 500 days, bullfighting took place again in Madrid

After more than 500 days, bullfighting took place again in Madrid

After a year-and-a-half hiatus, bullfights were held again in Madrid over the weekend, in addition to introducing emergency health precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic, MTI writes.

Six thousand people were able to enter the capital’s Las Ventas plaza, which can accommodate about 24,000 people, in an obligatory mask. Spectators were separated by empty chairs and rows, as up to six people participated in the event as a company. The buffets remained closed this time.

Fighting is popular with readers, for example Enrique Ponce or that Julie nickname Julian Lopez They struggled with the bulls, and among the audience was also the older sister of the King of Spain, Elena, with her two children.

The forced hiatus of a year and a half due to the pandemic has put those who live on bullfighting in a difficult situation, so the proceeds from the Madrid event are used for charitable purposes by the organizers. During the battle, additional donations were collected in the arena to help those in need.

Before the advent of the coronavirus, nearly two thousand bullfights were held in Spain each year with the interest of millions of spectators. This sector employs about 200,000 people and has had an impact on the Spanish economy with billions of euros. Bullfighting is part of the national cultural heritage, but there has been a heated debate over the years about how to judge the event, as animal protests were regular before the pandemic.

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