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After more than 3 years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opens its borders with Qatar

In a televised speech, the Kuwaiti foreign minister said that Saudi Arabia will reopen its air, land and sea borders with Qatar on Monday, citing an agreement aimed at resolving the Gulf dispute.

“It was agreed to open the airspace and the land and sea borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar tonight,” he said. Ahmed Nasser Al-Sabah The Kuwaiti foreign minister called Kuwait State TV on Kuwait TV.

The Arab summit in the Gulf begins, Tuesday, in Saudi Arabia. The official Saudi Press Agency said in this regard that the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman The heir to the throne, who put it this way: At their current annual meeting, Gulf leaders unite the countries of the region “in the face of the challenges facing the region.”

According to the Kuwaiti foreign minister, the two parties will sign a declaration on the agreement at the traditional summit in December, and it had to be postponed because Saudi Arabia wanted to conclude the agreement soon.

Because of this contradiction, Riyadh had previously announced, along with its allies, a boycott of Qatar.

Kuwait and the United States worked together to end the conflict, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt – not Persian (the Persian Gulf) – severed diplomatic, trade and other relations with Qatar in mid-2017. Washington fears that the disintegration of regional unity would impede efforts Suppress Iran.

These countries cut ties with Qatar on the grounds that it supports terrorism. Qatar denied the allegations, saying the ban on it was aimed at curbing its sovereignty.

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