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After Life – Peter Maloney Journalism

I find it hard to imagine MTK not falling from NB I. I’m not happy about it because I’m biased towards the club, after all, I owe my early footballing memories to the team, my grandfather was a deep-rooted pressure officer, I’m still in good standing with many from my childhood. The main players who are no longer with us, I remember them.

What is the reason for their current (or occasional) running of the reeds is not my job to untangle, but it turns out that the MTK bench trainers perform less in blue and white than before. why? This is also a big question

The last permanent producer was the Joseph Grammy. In his first spell (1996-1998), he became the team champion and cup winner, and for the second time in more than a decade (2004-2015), he again took the championship title.

It is no coincidence that in 2013, after fourth place and another contract extension, club director Laszlo Domunai said: From the summer onwards, this will be his job again, after we renew his new contract with him, which is permanent for one year. (…) The MTK seat was taken for life plus two years.”

In contrast, two years later, with third place and the start of the European Cup, the announcement came that “Joseph Jarami decided not to continue as head coach”. This was stated by Laszlo Domunai, and it is an exaggeration to “make a decision.” I think he was forced to make a decision and accept that his responsibilities as a professional would extend to the NB III team at the most. Evidence may be that the head coach did not appear at the press conference about the switch. He hadn’t heard that he had signed his successor, Chappa Laszlo, for six years (!), and it was clear that he was doing well for him on his severance pay, when he was forced to go after 19 games. As for Garami’s life imprisonment (plus two years), Csaba László had already negotiated with MTK as Lithuanian federal captain (2012-2013), eventually becoming a club monitor. In my opinion, his arrival was ready.

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His departure too, because when he was forced to leave in February 2016, many said it was only a matter of time before he left. They said they barely spoke to each other with Domunai, and the players didn’t accept that either, “The atmosphere wasn’t ideal, to say the least,” National Sports wrote. Adding to this is that while he calls himself a master, Joseph Kanta has prevented him from being called the usual Joshua. “This is Joseph!” He said: intolerant of contradiction. When asked how he felt on Hungary Street, he replied: “Excellent. Fortunately, good community and respect for each other developed quickly.” Let it be said – believe it too.

Laszlo handed the team seventh place, and the inherited incumbent came Teodoro Vasilić, with whom he finished fourth at the end of MTK, which was enough to be the head coach. Until this year, as it was held in the middle of the upcoming tournament (2016-2017), Agar Academy President Sault Tmasse took over the leadership of Agar Academy. “Now we have to trust not only in Fortuna, we have to work,” he said, “but in the end, White and Blue are still at odds.

This was followed by Tamas Vichko (2017-2019). With the coach making up for it at Balmazújváros (promotion to NB I), the team became the champions in NB II, but in March 2019 (missing place) it was announced that “We thank Tamás Feczkó for his work, we wish him much success in his further career!” Tamas Luksanzky on the bench. “I am facing a challenge that I have been working for for twenty years. This is the culmination of my coaching career,” he added, and sporting director Palaz Poliak added: “Only professionals can think of who can identify with our ideas.”

Yes, but in football results are more important than philosophy, with Luxanzky scoring three points out of nine. “Note we lost our track membership at least, other circumstances played a part, but I have to say we closed in where we deserved,” he said goodbye.

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So NB II again, and of course a new coach: Michael Boris (2020-2021). The former youth chief of Hungarian football was in the Japanese second division, and before that, the Tokyo Verde team – the second coach. On the other hand, MTK was brought back to NB I with her to reach the semi-finals with him, and even became the 7th best in the team. And it is a remarkable result that the coronavirus pandemic has not spared the company that has shown (some) style not only in the Duma but also in the field.

By comparison, “the management of MTK Budapest, which is evaluating the closing season, came to the conclusion that our team needs new motivations to continue. Accordingly, we start next season with a new head coach,” said Giovanni Costantino, now known as Marco Rossi’s constant assistant, a video analyst. Mainly, while also coaching the women’s team Aland United in Finland.

“MTK Budapest not only trusts the young players, but also the young coaches. We believe in Giovanni Costanino and that together we will succeed”, said sporting director Poliac, perhaps because of the coach’s crazy youth, that he allowed the announcement of the change when he was still dealing with Rossi and the national team for the European Championships. The federal captain immediately dismissed him from the staff, but at least he could safely count on his great duty.

Which ended with eight matches. After the defeat in Zalaegerszeg (Round 8: 0-2): “My phone rang in the morning, I was asked to go out to the stadium, and when I sat at the table, the future of Balázs Polyák … The move was not particularly explained,” Costantino told National Sport. Just for the facts: MTK was seventh at the time, three points off the podium and four points off the podium.

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But Gabor Marton, who opened on November 11, 2021, said he doesn’t like making statements, he likes results that speak for him. Instead of looking at any kind of analysis, let’s look at the table in that light. Despite this, the coach may repeatedly say “we outdid our opponent in every way” when the defeat is over.

Here we are, MTK is more accurate. Coaches are the wall of the club, which is special in the age of self-employment, but it is remarkable that after Josef Jarami, the teachers of Hungary Street were unable to deliver a memorable one for seven years. They might say I’m biased with Garami, which is true, but the numbers also back it up being the standard. After all, between 2004 and 2015, he sat on the MTK podium in 299 games on NB I, achieving 59.91 percent production. That number is 19 games for László Csaba / 55.26 percent, 14 / 48.4 for Zsolt Tamási, 24 / 45.83 for Tamás Feczkó, 9/11.11 for Tamás Lucsánszky, 33 / 46.97 for Michael Boris, 8 / 43.75 for Giovanni.38.38 from 16 / 34 Yes, Gábor Marton. In the case of Teodoru Vasilis 37 / 41.42.

There’s definitely a reason for everything going on at Hungária Boulevard, as an outsider I don’t even have to know everything, but surprisingly only one of the aforementioned coaches who has spent an entire season at NB I, is Michael Boris. It seemed to him to some extent that what the players were up to on the field might (not) be a coincidence, but slowly the traditional MTK position would be withdraw (2017), get up (2018), drop out (2020), ascend (2021).

“Mad speech: but there is order in it,” I hide from Hamlet behind Polonius, who also had a philosophy, albeit shallow.

However, I would not recommend training in Hungary Street.

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