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The World Kayak Championships held in Halifax, Canada have ended, and Catalin Varga won the bronze medal for the Hungarian delegation on Saturday.

Catalin Varga won the second medal for the Hungarian delegation (Photo: Csaba Karnok/South Magyarország, Archive)

There is nothing new under the sun: just as last year at the Paralympics in Tokyo and then at the World Championships in Copenhagen, this year at the World Cup held on Lake Bannock in Halifax, the ranking itself appeared at the top. Behind Britain’s Charlotte Henshaw and Emma Wiggs, Catalin Varga took third place again this time.

Thus, Hungary concluded the semi-world championships with two medals, gold by Peter Pal Kiss on Friday and bronze by Katalin Varga, enough to tie for fifth place on the medals table.

men. VL2200 m.
World Champion: Igor Tofalini (Brazil) 51.67, 2. Fernando Rufino (Brazil) 52.00, 3. Norberto Mourao (Portugal) 53.26, … 5 – Robert Soba (Hungary)

Women. Kuala Lumpur 200 m.
World Champion: Marina Mazola (Ukraine) 51.86, 2. Catherine Wallerman (Chile) 52.32, 3. Brianna Hennessy (Canada) 52.89, … 9- Erica Polay (Hungary) 1: 02.62
200m Kuala Lumpur: 1. Charlotte Henshaw (Great Britain) 47.60, 2. Emma Wiggs (Great Britain), 3 – Katalin Varga (Hungary)
KL3 200m: 1. Laura Sugar (Great Britain) 46.48, 2. Nelia Barbosa (France) 46.84, 3. Felicia Labrier (Germany) 46.93, … 7 – Molnar Nikoletta (Hungary) 49.83

medal table

1. Great Britain 5 gold 4 silver 1 bronze
2. Ukraine 2, 1, 0
3. Brazil 1, 2, 1
4. Germany 1, 0, 2
5. Hungary and Australia 1, 0, 1

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