After languages, does Duolingo also want to teach us music?

Rumors began to circulate that, after teaching the language, he could paddle the waters of teaching music Duolingo.

The company posted a job posting that said the app was “entering the world of music.”

“Our strength is developing software that supports learning – join us and let’s build a new Duolingo music app that’s fun to use and reinforces the importance of learning.” It can be read in this.

They also included that Duolingo is looking for an expert with music education experience who can also lay the foundations for a new musical production, while being innovative in experimentation and product development.

the Techcrunch It says other positions are also being advertised, including freelance composer positions and teaching advisor positions. Please note that applications have not yet been accepted.

Objectives include teaching basic music theory through folk songs and with the help of knowledgeable instructors. It is not yet known what other areas of music this will cover. Duolingo has yet to officially confirm the launch of the app, and this should happen in the future, as the job announcement came from an official source.

An interesting experience, especially after the platform launched Duolingo Math last year. In addition to languages, you can also learn mathematics with them. According to them, music is another chapter in this expansion path.

(Techcrunch / Mag Mix)

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