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After international success, CSIKO aerobics became domestic medalists

After international success, CSIKO aerobics became domestic medalists

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After the international success achieved in Poland, this time the CSIKO BOAT SE aerobics was able to prove itself at the local level. The Tótágas Cup was held in Derecské, as was the second round of the Hungarian FISAF Championship, where they did not owe good results this time either.

Their coach, Rebecca Nemeth-Seki, said that although they all feel tired and exhausted at the end of the school year, the competitors still showed good training over the weekend. Most of them have reached the podium, and these dances, which are of international level, still hold up today.

– I can see what they still need to develop, what they still need to improve, but there are areas where our union has outstanding performance. He declared that we would try to correct the shortcomings in the summer, and in the fall we would be able to continue with renewed vigor.

Rebecca Nemeth-Sekki added that the fourth round of the Hungarian championship series will be held in Orochaza in November, so they will be able to prove themselves as hosts, following the tradition of past years. After the end of the school year, July 1-5. A training camp will be held between

Girls participating in the competition (Photo: Association)

Detailed results:
CH Mini Senior Team: Mira Kovacs, Petra Kovacs, Luka Marcu, Tamara Varga, Anna Nimes Novotny 2nd place

Small small CH team
A: Mira Kovacs, Petra Kovacs, Anna Nimes Novotny 1st place
B: Luca Marcu, Tamara Varga, third place

CH Mini Singles: Marksu Luka 1st place Mira Kovacs 3rd place Anna Nimes-Novotny 3rd place Tamara Varga 4th place Petra Kovacs 4th place

Junior Grand Challenge Team: Hanna Cherry, Luka Barani, Kinga Czernanski, Viktoria Lukacs, Gyonji Sivai, Frosina Sarkozy, Norina Magluczki, Hanna Marko, Lili Gabnay, Valentina Sivai, Rika Toth, Agnes Sarra 1st place.

CH Junior Junior Team
A: Hannah Cherry, Luca Barani, Kinga Czernyanski third place
B: Viktoria Lukács, Jeonji Chivai, Frozesina Sarkozy, first place
A: Norina Magluczki, Hanna Marko, Lily Gabbanai, second place
D: Valentina Shivay, Rika Toth 4th place

CH Junior Singles: Viktória Lukács 1st place Gyöngyi Cséffai 2nd place Norina Maglóczki 3rd place Sára Ágnes 3rd place Lili Gabnai 4th place Réka Tóth 4th place Hanna Markó 5th place Valentina Cséffai 5th place

Sports aerobics:
Mini duo: Sztela Periccki Varga and Anette Banki Horvath, third place
Junior Singles: Annette Banke-Horvath, 1st place, Sztela Periccki-Varga, 3rd place

Cadet pair: Zofia Budai, Zsanka Nagy, fourth place
The student responded: Lula Kovacs, fourth place, Dancsó Lilla, sixth place

Junior trio
A: Gerda Marton, Lola Kovacs, Vivian Magluczki 2nd place
B: Hana Kovacs Eneko Chivay, Rika Puştay 4th place

Junior duo:
A: Hanna Shoklai, Hanna Kishonti, fourth place
B: Gerda Marton, Lula Kovacs third place
A: Eneko Chivay, Vivian Majluczki 5th place
D: Rika Pusztai, Anna Sarah, fifth place

Junior singles: Marton Gerda, third place, Hanna Szokolay, fourth place

Team competition:
Knox Petit: Gerda Marton, Eszter Pagnocchi, Hanna Szokolai, Hanna Kishonti, Puri Durai 1st place
Charlie's Angels Grand Prix: Eneko Chivai, Rika Pusztai, Eszter Pagnocchi, Lola Kovacs, Lila Dancso, Anna Sara 3rd place

Junior trio: Durai Puri, Hanna Kishonti, Hanna Szokolay, third place

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