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After defeating Nándor Popovici, Németh was the finalist in the 100m breaststroke –

After defeating Nándor Popovici, Németh was the finalist in the 100m breaststroke –

Nandor Nemeth reached the final of the 100m freestyle on Wednesday on competition day for the Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships. Richard Marton finished 7th in the 200-meter butterfly, but Boglarka Capas and Zsuzana Jacapos were not finalists in the women’s pair of the same number.

Nándor Németh broke his peak (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

From a Hungarian perspective, the afternoon swimming program is off to a great start. In the first event, the men’s 100-meter freestyle, he was a single track swimmer Nandor Nemeth After a great start, at a crazy pace, improving his personal best by seven hundredths, he finished with a 47.62 ahead of world champion David Popovici.

“The big goal wasn’t having to swim far, I didn’t want to do it again. It was so smooth today, I got a very good hundred, hopefully good tomorrow. I had a desire to prove myself after the 200x, where I wanted Really into swimming in the semi-finals, because I always do better in the afternoon.” Nemeth said MTI. He noted that his finals results have always been a little worse than before, but he certainly wants to change that on Thursday.

In the women’s 200-meter freestyle, the world record for the longest was broken. Australian Molly O’Callaghan With a time of 1:52.85 minutes, Italy’s Federica Pellegrini handed her record of 1:52.98, which she achieved in Rome in 2009 in a shark suit, to the past.

Molly O’Callaghan herself couldn’t believe what she had accomplished (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

Richard Marton She got off to a great start in the men’s 200m butterfly final. After the first 50 metres, he still had the best time, and was also second at the half distance, but he couldn’t maintain his advantage: he was sixth in the final round, then finished seventh with a 1:55.02.

“I didn’t care about others at all, I swam like a fool, as usual. Now it was more painful, but I swam with honor, that’s all I managed to get out. – stated Marton, who, in response to a question from MTI – referring to his statement on Tuesday that many things are decided upon waking up – said that the morning was very painful.

He added that he considered the semi-final to be the final, so fortunately this was not his last swim.

“I experienced being the seventh best swimmer in the world, and I am very proud of myself.” – said Marton, confident that with the addition of Christophe Melak, it could be even better for the Paris Olympics.

“For the last two or three months I’ve been training already on my own, it’s always better to prepare with the best player in the world and I hope he’s there for the next world championship.” – added the Hungarian competitor.

Zsuzana Jacobus And Capas Buttercup She did not reach the finals of the women’s 200-meter butterfly. Jacobus swam the first race, with a time half a second worse than in the morning, and finished 15th overall. Kapás jumped into the pool on the second stage as he won a gold medal in the event four years earlier in Gwangju, but this time after a more difficult start he was unable to catch up and finished 13th.

“This time result does not reflect the knowledge I have. Even swimming in the morning confused me a bit, it was very chaotic,” said my coach, Balázs Virth. This took a lot of my energy that stayed inside me all day “- Kapás, commenting on MTI’s proposal, stated that he was very confident that this was just a bump in the road to Paris.

“I can’t say much at the moment, obviously I’ll try to fix it.” Boglárka Kapas has been added.

On the fourth day of the swimming competitions, only China managed to win two gold medals, while the Americans did not sweep away the first place.

Water toilet (Fukuoka)
Men’s 800m sprint final
1. Ahmed Hefnaoui (Tunisia) 7: 37.00
2. Samuel Short (Australia) 7:37.76
3. Bobby Fink (USA) 7:38.67

Women’s 200m sprint, final
1. Molly O’Callaghan (Australia) 1:52.85 – world record
2 – Ariarn Titmus (Australia) 1: 53.01
3. Summer McIntosh (CAN) 1:53.65

Men’s 100m sprint, preliminary
1. Matthew Richards (Great Britain) 47.47
2 – Kyle Chalmers (Australia) 47.52
3 – Pan Zhan Lu (China) 47.61
4. Nondor Nemeth 47.62
5 – David Popovici (Romania), 47.66

Women’s 50m back, primary
1. Regan Smith (USA) 27.10
2 – Kylie McCune (Australia) 27.26
3 – Lauren Cox (Great Britain), 27.29

Men’s 200m butterfly, final
1 – Leon Marchand (France) 1: 52.43
2- Krzysztof Chmielewski (Poland) 1: 53.62
3- Honda Tomorrow (Japan) 1: 53.66

7. Richard Merton 1:55.02

Men’s 50m breaststroke final
1 – Ken Hai-Yang (China) 26.29
2- Nick Fink (USA), 26.59
3 – Sun Chia-chun (China) 26.79

Women’s 200m butterfly, preliminary
1 – Lana Podar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2:06.60
2. Reagan Smith (USA) 2:06.83
3. Summer McIntosh (CAN) 2:06.85

13. KÁPÁS BOGLARKA 2:09.56

15. Szusana Jakapus 2:11.23

Men’s 200 M MEDLEY, Elementary
1 – Leon Marchand (France) 1: 56.34 minutes
2. Duncan Scott (Great Britain) 1:56.50
3. Carson Foster (USA) 1:56.55

4x100M mixed relay, final
1. China (Hsu Qiyu, Chen Haiyang, Zhang Yufei, Qingyuji) 3:38.57
2 – Australia (Kylie McCune, Zack Stubility Cook, Matthew Temple, Shayna Jack) 3:39.03
3. USA (Ryan Murphy, Nick Fink, Tory Hosky, Kate Douglas) 3:40.19

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