After being accused of sexism, Baria became a canon of British humor

After being accused of sexism, Baria became a canon of British humor

Regarded as one of the fifty greatest artists of all time in the British Isles, he is one of the cannons of humor who saw the light of day as Alfred Hill 97 years ago on this day. He took his new name after his favorite comedian, Jack Benny. She was surrounded by beautiful women on her shows, but never married. He wore it when his show, which had been in business for more than three decades, was removed from the show. As is often the case with great artists, anxiety and depression weren’t escaped either. He was the frugal frugal type, but he liked to travel and spoke several languages.

Benny Hill was born Alfred Hill on January 21, 1925 in Southampton, southern England. Both family members and schoolmates remember him as a “class clown.” Both his father and grandfather worked as clowns, so there was no place for painting.

He grew up during the Great Depression, and the family did not escape deprivation. He’s gotten quite stingy as an adult, and the reason for this is most likely found in this.

(Photo: National Portrait Gallery / Foreign Photo Service)

He liked to perform and sing. By the age of six, he was already making money by entertaining people on the beach with folk songs, according to one report.

He joined school until he was sixteen years old. He then worked as a milk seller, salesman, theater assistant, and amateur actor. The latter may have been due to an accident. One of the actors was so drunk that he jumped into place and made a very good impression. It was a crucial turning point in his life and there was no stopping it from here.

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For a while he tried to ignore the military conscription, but eventually, in late 1942, two police officers appeared in Cardiff after one of his lectures. He worked as a mechanic and spotlight operator in Normandy.

He learned to drive in the army, where he was also expected to be a chauffeur. But in his civilian life, he never drove or owned a car. He was a soldier until 1947, but he went for a hearing upon his departure. After their failed attempt, he called himself a new name because he thought Alfred Hale looked like a porter.

He also worked in radio, but did not achieve much success in the genre. Critics have written how his performance has decreased, he is uncomfortable on stage, excited and nervous.

The first comedian to benefit from television

He was well aware of the potential of television for performers of the same character. He believed he could sacrifice slowly for live stage performances performing by the same group every day. He created hundreds of scene designs and made his debut in mid-1951 with a 45-minute show.

He made great use of the capabilities offered by studio shots, including makeup or visual technology and split-screen tricks.

The Benny Hill Show has been on the show for more than three decades, with more or less interruptions from 1955 to 1989. It has been one of the most watched programs in the UK. The number of broadcast views in 1971 surpassed 21 million. It was marketed in nearly a hundred countries, including Hungary, where it was one of the most important deposits of the strange seasons.

The show ran until 1989 in the United Kingdom. Women’s equality associations have criticized sexist images, but have also criticized Benny Hill for the way some states portray them.

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Consumer media habits have changed and the type of humor that the 55-year-old comedian represents is becoming old, at least according to ITV executives.

However, many say it has been unjustly ignored.

“He was portrayed as a sexist monster, but in his scenes, men were targets of humor.” His ex-girlfriend, film critic Gary Bushell, said. Backstage, the women always won.

He found it amazing how a talent like Benny Hill could become an outcast overnight.

His private life

Although he has always been surrounded by beautiful women in his shows, he has not shown much in his private life with women. He never married, and rumors spread that he was gay. He denied allegations like this all the time.

He once said this in an interview:You have to visualize all of this as if you were working in a chocolate factory. You see so much chocolate around you that you don’t even want to take a closer look. “

The face of the little-known actor was that he was a thrifty patient.

Author of Craig Bennett’s Sad Secret Life, Benny Hill, well known to Hollywood celebrities It also provides examples.

Even in the prime of his career, when he made a lot of money from royalties, he still avoided luxury. He was looking for discount food in the store and also went to the BBC headquarters on foot because he regrets the money I paid for a taxi. He didn’t have his own car either, because he didn’t want to spend on it either. Childhood deprivation also played a role in his frugal life.

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On the one hand, he liked to travel and enjoyed being unrecognized abroad. He was fluent in French, and had basic knowledge of German, Italian and Dutch. His holidays abroad often inspired his scenes.

Benny Hill was once hospitalized with a heart attack. The photo was recorded in the hospital on February 18, 1992 (Photo: National Portrait Gallery / RTR)

A year and a half of neglect

He wore it, and was unable to appear on TV, although his popularity both domestically and abroad was not interrupted. He lived in a garden house in Southampton, went by bus shopping, and was known to neighbors.

This omission lasted barely a year and a half. By 1991, television sets suddenly began to rival him again, and he threw himself into the business again and began writing his scenes.

He suffered a heart attack in early 1992, which he found extremely difficult to recover from (Michael Jackson even visited him in the hospital). He died at his home on April 20 of the same year. Depression of fate that he got his new contract on the day of his death. He had more than seven million pounds of wealth, but since his two brothers and his parents were dead by then, barely everything he knew to his nephew and niece had passed on to him.

Several initiatives have been launched in his hometown and online to erect a statue of the comedian in Southampton. Courtesy of Graham Ibbeson uThe gyan has already completed a statue, but it still needs to be cast in bronze, and resources are being sought for this.

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