After 455 years, a British pub could close forever due to the Coronavirus

After 455 years, a British pub could close forever due to the Coronavirus

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Lamb and Flaget, along with many other catering units, have been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic, as results for the past 12 months have shown that the bar is no longer sustainable, so it will close on January 31. Euronews.

During its 450 years of operation, Lamb and Flag has been a popular spot for Oxford students, teachers, researchers, and scholars, but famous writers have also left small fortunes at the table, such as JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and CS Lewis, the historian of Narnia. A measure to save the pub has now been launched

The Lamb and Flag of Oxford opened in 1566 and moved to another street in 1613, where it has since become a symbol of the city. The pub has been owned from the start by St. John’s College, one of the 45 institutions that make up the University of Oxford.

Dave Richardson, who is also a supporter of traditional British pubs Real Ale campaign According to a representative of the Oxford group for an NGO called Lamb and Flag, the most traditional pub in town, its disappearance would be a real tragedy. “It had no TV, no music player, no music. People came here to talk and enjoy the historical surroundings. Generations have done that, including students, locals and people from afar.”

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