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After 33 years, this Ford can go for a lot of money

After 33 years, this Ford can go for a lot of money

There’s a reason someone keeps a car with them for decades – we can even consider dirty money, but in most cases an emotional attachment is behind it. A good example of this is the story of Aunt Zsuzsa and Baby Benz, which Vezess covered recently.

This may also be true in the case of the 1987 Ford Sierra, which will be auctioned on May 13, that is, next week, because its previous owner cherished it for 33 years, that is, since it was 3 years old. It has been serviced regularly and even recently had a service that replaced the timing belt, water pump and front brake caliper.

By clicking on the image, you can see that Sierra is like time travel:

The RS Cosworth version is particularly rare, as the three-door hatchback version was only produced for two years, in 1986 and 1987. The four-door sedan, on the other hand, was on the production line until 1992, with a total of 5,545 sold. lonliness.

Although its aerodynamics and aesthetics exceeded expectations of the time, its reception was mixed when the daily equivalent of the type was introduced in 1982 as the successor to the Cortina and Taurus. However, time has proven Ford right: in the Sierra’s 11 years of production, nearly 1.3 million units have been sold. It also proved to be very successful in racing, especially in motorsports and long distances, after the arrival of the XR4i version, which was followed by legendary models such as the RS Cosworth or the RS500 Cosworth.

After 33 years, this '23 Ford can go for a lot of money

Despite its age, the Recaro checkered cloth seat upholstery is also in good condition.

After 33 years, Ford 24 can change hands for a lot of money

Also obviously attention was paid to the 16-valve, 2.0-liter Cosworth engine.

This gray Sierra RS Cosworth is waiting for its new owner with 2.0L Cosworth Turbo engine, 5-speed manual transmission, as per description, paintwork and upholstery in excellent condition, technical test valid until October, for whom it could be worth up to 55-60 thousand pounds, And converting it into a 25 million right-hand drive car would cost HUF a Hampson Auctions when invited. However, this is not surprising, because in contrast, a sporty, premium model can bring a smile to your face.

After 33 years, this Ford 25 could trade hands for a lot of money

Those who want to buy the RS Cosworth Sierra will have to dig deep into their pockets: the offer can reach 25 million HUF.

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