Advertisement of the new Toyota Yaris is banned in Australia

The Australian Media Authority has declared that the advertisement promoting the new Toyota Yaris is extremely dangerous. The story revolves around three siblings – one of them men – who try to get there to celebrate their parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. The guy is immersed in assembling a Toyota Celica, then tosses the tools and gets back to GR Yaris so he’s not late for the meeting. After being late, he exits the garage at high speed and has to depress the throttle while moving. These scenes appear to undermine collateral guarantees with the authorities, and with good reason

“It encourages people to exceed the speed limit, which is very dangerous.”

Toyota has no choice but to change the ad if it wants to air it on local media channels. Australia’s largest auto maker takes complaints seriously but does not agree with the decision. And the official reaction from the company is that they believe the advertisement does not violate any legal regulations. click hereIf the video does not start in the player below!

According to Car Expert, the Australian Advertising Standards Authority investigated the alleged ad and came to the conclusion that it is not encouraging anyone to rush. However, when the GR Yaris rushes out of the garage, it exhausts the idea of ​​unsafe driving.

In 2014, a similar case occurred in the United Kingdom. That was unacceptable at the time Toyota Yaris in advertising People danced and sang while driving while Bruno Mars’ hit, the somewhat catchy song Locked Out Of Heaven, was played in the background. Decision makers say this is dangerous, and such work should not be promoted in the media.

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Do you think that the authority made the right decision, or did it overreact to the question a little?

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