Adventurous people in Canissa can hike up to three different distances

Adventurous people in Canissa can hike up to three different distances

The 32nd Kanizsa Tour is jointly organized by Kanizsa Kul-Túra and Dr. Mez Ferenc High School. The program was part of the Northern Transdanubia Cup national movement and European Sports Week. Hikers can start the 3-distance Saturday program.

Canissa’s Tour was organized for the 32nd time this year. The program was preceded by several weeks of preparation. Among the novices this year, several hikers have been returning regularly. Traditionally, participants can tackle the hills of Zala at distances of 10, 20 and 30 km. Thanks to the sponsors, both junior and senior runners were honored, while those who successfully reached the finish line were awarded a distance badge.

– The back-end work was carried out by the land regulators and managers, who are now unfortunately ill. We have to mention Mária Dávidovics and László Kiss, as they are the main organizers of this whole event. It included road inspections, which were carried out by László Kiss, the signs had to be replenished and the road replaced in several places, the road had to be marked, and for this reason it was now clear during the inspection that the stream could not be crossed in the Szigecske meadow, the lane had to be changed – This was stated by Ferenc Strauss, President of Kanizsa Kul-Túra Egyesület.

The hikers came from several parts of the country. Local groups of friends also participated in the program. All age groups tested the same on various hiking routes. According to the participants, hiking can be recommended to everyone.

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“Anyone who is too lazy to run in the evening does not go to the gym.” It’s outdoors, the company is good, and their apples are delicious. Nagykanizsa is definitely a good point, as it touches it in several ways. “I think it’s a friendly place, a good place,” said hiker Ferenc Darozzi.

More than 150 parks have completed the distances, and they have been enriched with a souvenir card and audition.


(Cover Image: Canissa TV)

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