Advent csodás feladata, hogy felélesszük magunkban a jóság emlékeit és kinyissuk a remény kapuit. (XVI. Benedek pápa) – advent Nyírlugoson

Advent’s wonderful mission is to revive memories of good and open doors of hope. (Pope Benedict XVI) – Advent in Nerlogos Diocese of Nyregyhaza

Source and photo: Beatrix Behari2021. Dec 19. 22:00

Advent Stories has announced a contest for the upper work community as Christmas approaches. Students can enter into two categories:
– A 5-6. The class may have performed Advent stories by well-known or lesser-known authors.
– 7-8. The classmates could indeed face an even greater challenge: they could polish the veins of their book. They can start the race on December 8 with a poem or prose story. The jury members listened to the students’ presentations with touch and sometimes tears. In the evaluation, they admitted that the competition also filled them spiritually. The winners were enriched with books and letters of praise, and the other participants received a souvenir card and delicious chocolates. No one came home empty-handed. The organization of the competition was coordinated by Hungarian colleagues Eva Nagini Kosic and Aunt Adrian Smotko.

Grades 5-6 results:
1st place: Hogert Durka (5.a)
Secondly. Where: Krisztina Adorján (6.a)
Third place: Venter Oksana (5.a)
Special Prize Winner: Chocos Palazzo (5.a)

A 7. -8. Short story writing competition results:
First place: Hajdu Petra (7.a)
Secondly. Where: Hugert Treasure (8.a)
Third. Venue: Lili Fésüs (7.b)

A 7. -8. Class writing competition results:
1st place: Kevin Lionel Cossacks (8.B)
Second place: Salai Hanna (8.a), Creek Lara (7.a)
Third. Where: Anna Csobolyó (7.b), Gréta Madarász (7.a), Kristóf Rutkai (8.b)
Special Prize: Glass Bell (8.a)

A day earlier, teacher Anita Gatti organized a drawing competition in Advent. The theme of the drawing competition was to make a color illustration of the story “The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree” for a total of 25 high school students.

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In grades 5-6:
1st place: Hogert Durka (5.a)
Secondly. Venue: Tassi Anna (6.a)
Third. Venue: Melania Szilágyi (5.b)
Special Prize: Dorina Szilágyi (6.b) and Hanna Rajtik (6.a)

A 7-8. rank:
First place: Myriam Eva Gezi (7.a)
Secondly. Venue: Anna Csobolyó (7.b)
Third. Venue: Miklós Rőth (7.a)
Special Prize: Boglárka Szabó (8.a) and Bence Farkas (8.a)

Traditionally, our internal test, ‘The Spoken Word Has Magic’, is held every year and is titled ‘Christmas Eve’ this year. This year’s competition consisted of a series of competitions that ran from December 6-10. Every day new tasks await children: a logic quest, a perplexing crossword puzzle, an illustrated educational lesson exposed in the hallway, Santa Claus, etc. Everyone was excited about the tasks. The organizer of the competition is teacher Eva Nagini Kosik.

Contest results:

I put: class 8. b.
Secondly. Where: Class 8.a.
Third place: grade 7.b.
Each class earned a diploma plus a slice of Lake Balaton for each 1st class member, a coconut stick for each 2nd class member, and a sugar saloon for each 3rd class member.

On December 6, the envoy of Saint Nicholas visited this school as well. We started the day with the Mass in the church, where the pure Santa Claus distributed to the children after the Mass, the package given to them by the Diocese of Nyregyhaza. Then, back in the halls, our “homemade” Santa set off to distribute the parcels prepared by the classes. Underpants had a Santa Claus party today. The kids said that this day was more than wonderful!

We are also proud of our 7th grade team that participated in the Bolyai Mother Language Competition. From Petra Hajdu’s class, Luca Lilich, Eva Miriam Gezi competed and her name was “Magic S”. They finished fifth in the race.
Their gifts were a diploma, a present, and a T-shirt for everyone. Their preparatory teacher, Eva Nagek Eva, also received these awards.

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Source and photo: Beatrix Behari

Diocese of Nyregyhaza

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