Additional points can be earned by the lead in the sprint race

Additional points can be earned by the lead in the sprint race

Stefano Dominicali is retired, and is considering rewarding the image of the one who finished time, sprinting and racing in a particular htvgn with bonus points. The F1 boss is optimistic that fans will be there for a while.

Sure enough, in Silverstone, Mons and an unnamed venue, the usual htvge schedule will be changed completely, as the qualifiers will take place on these days on Friday, and on Saturday there will be the 100km race or the official name idmrs of the item. In the UK, times vary from time to time, with both Friday and Saturday programs starting later than usual.

jabb vltoztats jhet a sprintfutamokonForrs: Formula 1 via Getty Images / 2020 Formula One World Championship Limited / Clive Mason – Formula 1

However, it is conceivable that there will be mg tweaks that F1 fans could encounter in series up to ms. Stefano Domenicali missed it, it is possible that the results achieved in the sprint race may not be full of extra points.

In the case of Belk, we consider that the person who wins the Grand Slam, that is, first place and the sprint race, gets additional points. Th said Gazzetta dello SportNak. “If that succeeds, we can keep most of the traditional races like this.”

Dominicali used the term “Grand Slam” well, because it really means that someone wins first place and makes the fastest lap. In Formula 1, creativity has never been recorded in any way in the past, but in many other categories, the image can increase the number of units in position with first place. No details have yet been worked out, but if the idea materializes, then The htvgn sprint can collect up to 30 points, as the victory on Saturday is 3 mg, the victory in the race is 25 points, and there is also the faster round.

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The introduction of sprint races has been the subject of many opinions, including the benefits and benefits of running. However, Dominicali concurs, TV companies will provide more content with this move, and the organizers will be able to maintain interest on an ongoing basis.

Domenicali says the fans are back

After the vast majority of the heat last year without a large number of people, there have been a limited number of times, but in Bahrain, Spain and Monaco, there could also be supporters right away. (True, there are only a thousand people in Barcelona, ​​and only on race day.) Dominicali is confident that MS like Hungaroring can let fans in, so in Silverstone the crowd is not left out.

Silverstone can be as large as a milligramForrs: Getty Images / 2019 Peter J Fox / Peter J Fox

“There were 7,500 people a day in Monaco, everyone in public [negatv] He said he took a COVID test. In theory, in Austria, France and Germany [utbbi nem szerepel a jelenlegi versenynaptrban – a szerk.]It will also be seen, and if left, there may be a full mg of Silverstone. The health situation in Texas has returned to normal, and I hope this will happen in Mons by September. “

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