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Activision is being sued for Call of Duty

Activision is being sued for Call of Duty


More specifically because of one of the female characters. This is no longer the first case for the publisher.

06/02/2021 15:38 | Jerig | Category: Game

Those who actively play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty: Warzone (probably now Call of Duty: Mobile) may be familiar with the character Mara. The fighter made her debut in the first season of Cod: MW in December 2019, and is now a character available in all three of the aforementioned games. Because of that, she can now face a lengthy lawsuit Activision.

a Butts Law Firm A law firm announced in a statement that Clayton Haugen A lawsuit was filed against the publisher on behalf of a photographer and writer, alleging he stole Mara from Haugen.

Activision is being sued for Call of Duty

Clayton Haugen created the character Cade Janus years ago, sharing photos on his website that was active at the time with the goal of sparking the interest of movie studios. in the pictures Alex Zedra The model can be seen, and over time, the photos have also been uploaded to the photographer’s Instagram page.

According to the charge sheet, Activision used these photos without permission to create the character Mara. Additionally, they also asked Alex Zedra as a model, and in fact, they claimed that the makeup artist is the same person.

Activision is being sued for Call of Duty

In fact, the resemblance between Clayton Haugen’s painting and Activision’s official MARA paintings is very great. The truth is, this won’t be Activision’s first lawsuit. There is another matter going on against them, which could appear in court in April of this year, and it is interesting that Boots Law Firm represents the victim in this matter in this case. Booker T Hoffman The wrestler filed a lawsuit against the publisher for claiming he stole the GI Bro he created to make Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Prophet out.

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He was involved in a similar case before Take-Two is interactive Also for rent due to a Grand Theft Auto V poster. Then, he is best known for his scandals rather than his acting talent Lindsey Lohan He sued them because he thought one of the stickers drawn (meaning the character in the game on it, Lacey Jonas) looked like him until he spoke. Take-Two eventually won the case. ■

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