Activision has been bullied by the developer of a Warzone cheat

There is even some legitimacy to be discovered in the story.

Unfortunately, cheating as such is inevitable in multiplayer games. Hackers have access to the best defenses, and the question is how often and for how long they can destroy games. Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II are no exception to this, unfortunately cheats have recently appeared in both multiplayer and battle royale games.

Since the appearance of RICOCHET, the mood has calmed down, in the seasons before the appearance of Vanguard, the situation was really uncontrollable. However, of course, gamers can get rightly frustrated if they get cheated while playing in the evening. It seems that manufacturers do not have to fear scams, so that Activision can be attacked at any time.

They claim their customers are safer than Call of Duty players!

It’s no secret that they got into Activision’s internal systems last December. Hackers may have stolen valuable data, including the Call of Duty title table and other additional user information. However, Activision did not inform the players, and what really happened was not revealed to the public until a few days ago. The cheat site highlighted an article discussing this and then assured Wallhack and targeted customers that they were better protected than the Call of Duty publisher. It couldn’t be more focused on the giant company, because this time the real events also support the above statement.

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